Some of the photographs in this section are  by kind permission of Miss Betty Wallace, New Pitsligo. Mr Edward Bruce, Banff. Mrs Mary Wisely, New Pitsligo. Mr Eric Grant, New Pitsligo. Mr Billy Milne New Pitsligo. Mr and Mrs Fraser Mitchell, Strichen. Mr and Mrs John Ogston, Dunblane,Mr Leslie Milne , Tullienessle. Aberdeenshire.  Mr Ben Godsman, Wellington. Telford, Mr Graeme Moir,Higham, Kent. Mrs Irene Milne, Raffan ,Buckie.  Kathie Hilditch,Australia. Mr Freddie Mundie, New Pitsligo. Ronald and Catherine Scott,Livingstone. Gladys Sinclair, New Pitsligo. David Jamieson, New Pitsligo. Ann Sue,Australia. Babs Burnett, New Pitsligo. Mrs Ella Buchan, Stamford Bridge, Yorkshire. Marjory Cook,  Edinburgh. Lillian Tawse, New Pitsligo, Eileen Henry, Falkirk, Margaret and Douglas Mundie, Derby and Pat Sheldon, Wimborne Dorset. If anyone can identify any of the persons in  the photos please get back to me via Contact  (can be found on the  left hand side) and I shall insert their names. Also, if you have any stories, I will try to include them

Days gone by


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