Some of the photograph's here by kind permission of Mrs Ralph, Aberdeen, Mr Jim Lovie, New Pitsligo, Catherine and Ronald Scott, Livingstone. Bab's Burnett, NewPitsligo. Jennifer Gerrard, New Pitsligo  and Alec Smith,  New Pitsligo
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New Pitsligo Horticultural Society


The Society was established in 1836 by Sir John Forbes and records show that the show celebrated its centenary on Thursday 13th August 1936.At this show there was a special display of dahlias from Messers Dobbie & Co Ltd from Edinburgh with the minutes reporting “this gave the show a real centenary atmosphere”. A Mr King from Dobbies gave hints and advice to competitors present at this event. The entrance money on this day was £17. 10s. 7d. an increase of almost £4. 00d from the previous year. The Centenary cup was won by Mr Alex Leslie from School Street.


However, following a meeting on the 20th January 1937, it was agreed unanimously that the show be ceased due to lack of active interest but some 30 years later on the 4th October 1967 a public meeting was held to consider the possibility of reconstructing the Society. A committee was formed with the late Rev. Isaac Ralph becoming president, Mrs E Lowe Secretary and Mr Brunton Treasurer.


In March 1968 the Society became affiliated to the The Royal Horticultural Society.


A further lapse of the Society (or Flower Show) again took place between 1986-1988 due to the illness and death of the Rev Issac Ralph.


Again, the Society was rekindled in 1989 and to date the show is held annually on the first Saturday of September in the Public Hall with a committee of 6 persons.


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