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For info I am researching possible Elphinstone connections - mason/builders around Low St?/ High Street New Pitsligo. Michael Elphinstone born around 1826 and his brother George born 1837. Michael was married to a Mary Duncan born 1829 Peterhead, married 1853, banns proclaimed in both parish of Peterhead and Tyrie albeit interesting spellings of both Elphenstone and Elipinston. If as I think Mary may be related, then evidence to suggest she was the daughter of Alexander Duncan (shipmaster Peterhead) and Margaret Lillie (daughter of William Lillie - the Buchan bard and plougman poet of Scotsmill Inverugie).
Aberdeen Journal has some articles about George Elphinstone including his purchase in 1877 of the Baptist Chapel and property belonging to the heirs of the late Rev William Macgowan all for £210.
I am curious to learn more about the Elphinstone family (not sure if related to William Elphinstone, music teacher of Glasslaw) or if there may be any photos, indeed knowledge of the location old Baptist church there. I understand Michael and George were in business together employing at least 10 men and 4 apprentices.
More than 3 years ago I asked on this site about a steam engine and wagons that I found in the bottom of the quarry above "Greenspec Farm" the site of the "Lost" cafe many years ago.
I didn't get any response but after a lot of investigation I have found out that I didn't dream it and it was a railway that took stone from the bottom of the quarry to the top where it was tipped in to a crusher for making smaller stones.
I have another query and I hope I can maybe get a response this time.
This is to try and find out some of the history of the peat mosses around New Pitsligo before and after WW2.
There were a few operators of various bits including Middlemuir Peat and Moss Litter, Northern Peat and Moss Litter and Percy Finnie of New Pitsligo. A few older former peat workers have mentioned a "Dutchman" who was involved probably just after the war but nobody can remember exactly.
I have just found out that a few years ago there was found beside the Strichen to New Pitsligo road, very well hidden, sunk in to the moss a section of one meter gauge railway track. Local companies used two foot (24 inch) gauge track so they couldn't have used it as their wagons would have been too narrow. This is interesting because peat extraction in Holland uses one meter track!
So can anyone (of a certain age!) tell me any more about the mosses.
I work for Maud Railway Museum and we would like to build an exhibit on "The Peat Railways of New Pitsligo" in the future, so any information, photos and tales would be much appreciated.
I have a collection of what I take to be pitsligo lace-cloths decorated with lace-which i found when clearing up my mothers house. My great grandmother Margaret McGregor lived at 65 Low street. She her husband George McGregor and oldest son George Alick known as Dod can be found in 1931 census. Her mother bought 65 Low Street when her husband died and Margaret was about 7 or 8. She had been housekeeper to a farmer in Aberdour and married him and had Margaret. She lived in 65 Low Street as a woman of independant means. Her maiden name was Gordon,married name Guthrie. she married George mcGregor who was adopted by family Mc Gregor. I have found him living with grandmother McGregor also in Low street. Rumour has it that his name was Park but I have found birth registered under another name. I would love to know more about their antecedents. I have memories of going to New Pitssligo in the 1950s with my grandmother Jemima Mcgregor married to Fraser Moir
Hi, Many thanks for this. I did send some comments last week but they don't seem to be appearing. I've got quite a lot of info re the descendants of this couple but am hoping to find more info about the father of Jas Philip. Always grateful for any help. Kind regards, L
Hi, Lorraine here again. I wonder if there's info re Jas P's father? It seems to be Jas or Thos but I can't get sth more definitive than that. Any help always so gratefully received.
Thank you so much for this info. I'll certainly check out the site you mention. Much appreciated. Kind regards, Lorraine
message for lorraine seeking info on james philip,,,i had a search,wondered if this is the one you are looking for ,please reply if so as its appreciated,,,james burnett born 1806 fraserburgh,,married jane trail,,daughter sophia burnett born 1833 died 1907 age 74..married 1852 age 19,,james philip,,born 1830 pitsligo,, he was a blacksmith,, they had 9 kids,,,margaret,,married name walker,,alexander,,7 others,,unknown. Sophia/s brothers alexander,,george,,and 11 other siblings unknown, PS,,I JUST GOOGLED JAMES PHILIP/SOPHIA -BURNETT,,,THERE WERE OTHERS IN USA,,BUT I THINK THIS IS YOUR FOLKIES.. HAPPY SEARCHING.. HFINLAYSON.
This is a very long shot but I have just found this site.
I am looking for any additional info on James Philip/Phillips and Sophia, his wife, nee Burnett. James' mother was Mary or Margaret Robertson but his father is unclear. I have assumed it is one of Robert/Thomas/James Philip in relation to research. James and Sophia had a son, also named James, who became a shepherd and died in Ballater.
Someone did write some years ago about them. Here is a copy of the original post: 'Despite my tenuous links to New Pitsligo (via g,g,grandparents James Phillips and wife Sophia, nee Burnett, back in the mid 1800s when James is listed as a blacksmith there), I have found this to be a delightfully refreshing site. Thank you for this insight into some of my "roots". Best wishes and regards, Alan S. Marshall
Signed on 30th July, 2012 by Alan Simpson Marshall'
If Alan is still looking at the site or if anyone else knows anything about this family, I would be extremely grateful.
Many thanks,
hello folkies,,whats happened to my favourite website, I enjoyed trying to help others,,you would see that when you browse through. Please don/t let us lose it altogether,,there must be loads of people researching their family tree,,and especially when there was lockdown you had more time on your hands. Come on folkies,,keep this going, regards h finlayson.
info for catherine who signed 24 march 2021,,,firstly with not knowing the area to look for william -alexander-grant-i couldnt pick out correct one,,however there was one married to MAY-FORREST,,they had a daughter june grant,,,no dates given but were resident in 1962 aberdeen. i did notice a william-alexander-grant,who was in the arm,it gave regiment,and he was in edinburgh at the time,,,i did find this mary-anderson-grant,,born 17/9/1910 died 3/8/2007 buried springbank cemetry,, i wasn/t sure where to look for,georgina ross cooper as you gave no dates or area.. james-grant married 3/5/1863 pitsligo elisabeth alexander,,,if this is your person the following are their children,,james 20/7/1863,,william 10/5/1865,,,francis irvine grant,,16/6/1868 pitsligo... lastly,,george-cooper 19/7/1838new-deer,,died 1916 pitsligo,,married anne-corbet,,,, children,,ann corbet cooper 3/7/1863 died 1915,,,elisabeth 11/8/1867pitsligo,,,margaret-clark-cooper 23/6/1870,,,,george -cooper 14/12/1874,,,,joan -cooper 16/6/1878,tyrie,,,,, they are somehow linked to a family of ross/s,,, maggie-watt-ross 1886 fraserburgh??mary 1888,,,findlay 1889 old-deer,,elsie-ann1892 old-deer,,,alexander 1894 old-deer died 1982 aberdeen,,,john 1898 old-deer,,francie 1900 old-deer ,,isabella 1903....strichen,, ,,,,,,,,CATHERINE I DO HOPE MOST OF THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR...
hello catherine,some dates of those you are researching would help,even place names,,,,i had a glance and wondered if these are what you need. george cooper born 19/7/1838new-deer,died 1916 pitsligo,,,married 27/3/1864 pitsligo,,,,ann corbett born about 1844 pitsligo. kids,,elisabeth 11/8/1867pitsligo,,,margaret clark cooper born 23/6/1870 pitsligo..... james-grant,,married elisabeth alexander,,,kids james 20/7/1863..pitsligo...francis-irvine-grant 16/6/1868 pitsligo... I have not looked for marriage for james yet,however i wondered if the following may be of interest too...duncan-grant,,married jane-hebron,,,son alexander -irvine-grant,,born 23/9/1873 pitsligo..
Looking for information please of my gran Mary Noble also her daughter Also called Elizabeth better known as Bessie who married a Thomas McKenzie. Also some information about my dad Robert [Bobby] park.

The website is fantastic. Alot of my family from the past where born and lived in New Pitsligo. My grandfather William Alexander Grant, his sister my great Aunt - Mary Anderson Grant, their half sister Georgina Ross Cooper, my great grandfather Francis Irvine Grant (Granite polisher) his father James Grant, my great grandmother Margaret Clark Cooper, her mother and father Ann Corbet and George Cooper and many more. If anyone has any information on these people or other relatives I would love to hear from you.
hello ann, i tried to send info on the email you have given,but it failed, however i tried again and waiting to see if you got it this time, you can get me on
I have a PDF copy of a birth certificate - wrong one, sadly - for Mary Rennie b 15 Jan 1866 New Pitsligo to John Rennie, shoemaker and his wife Mary Stephen. Happy to share.

Just updating my email address from a 2010 post re Rennie/Rannie family of New Pitsligo c1868: Alexander Rennie and Eliza Malcolmson and family. Our line went to Canada c1906. I can be reached at
I like to come back to this site now and again, brings back great memories of my youth. Moved to new pitsligo in 1989 and lived at 112 low street until I moved in 1998. I was even able to spot myself in a few of the pictures. Great to see old pictures of my old teachers, Mrs Ogg, Mr Hicks and also the late Bob Mcgee. I was a pupil in his class the year he passed on. I only have the one memory of him so to see him smiling in the pics was great.
Im now 40 and live in California, I have wife and 5 month old boy, one day I will be back to New Pitsligo to show my family where I grew up.
to answer the question to Sue Robertson DeLuca I'm connected to the Rollo/ Gray/ Smith family.
Hi, Does anyone know if there is a list of the people buried in the graveyard? I am trying to find whether John Henderson (died 1902) and his wife, Helen Watt (1898) are buried in the cemetary along with a James Henderson and Helen Henderson (Riddle), his parents. I know that John Henderson / Helen Watt died in New Pitsligo - lived at 102 High Street. Thanks Lesley (
message for sue robertson deluca signed 25/1/21...... perhaps the following info are your links, Firstly,,james-gray/margaret -hutcheon-rollo i think born 11/3/1860 pitsligo?? lived 1 low-street??.in household,was jeannie -rollo,,,,john-rollo,,,jeannie-gray,,,, I also found, a James -rollo,,born abt 1815 aberdour,,,died 1888,,,,married margaret-robertson, from fraserburgh abt 1815-8/3/1900,,,son john-robertson-rollo,,,22/8/1842,,aberdeebshire---died 12/3/1918 ---illinois,,,,also son alexander-14/10/1844 scotland?? blacksmith,,,died 1927 ,,,illinois,,,he was widowed by 1920 census,,his wife was mary/or maria-harper,,,their kids were william,,and edith,,maybe more??,,,its listed as edith -g-rollo born 1879 illinois,and william -h-rollo born 1875,,,,,,,,,check also margaret-robertson-rollo 25/7/1869pitsligo,,,living 1880 illinois,,,sister anne-craigen-rollo 4/4/1866 pitsligo,,,their parents were john-rollo born 22/8/1843 aberdour,,,,died 10/3/1918,,,illinois. married 9/12/1865 pitsligoanne-allan,,,born october 1845,,,died 1912 illinois,,,, good luck sue..
What a wonderful, insightful web site of your town and surroundings. Thanks.
I'm looking for information on my great grandfather, born Alexander Robertson Rollo, 1879 in New Pitsligo, the illegitimate son of Margaret Hutcheson Rollo, dau. of John Rollo and Margaret Robertson. all of New Pitsligo.
Research on census shows he was not raised by his mother, however, it does look like there was always a connection with her. I am trying to determine that connection and who did raise him. There is a story that when his mother Margaret, married James Gray in 1888, he went to live with the Smith family who ran a butcher Shop, James Smith & Sons. As this is a very common name, I have not been able to pin point this Smith family down.
Any information would be highly appreciated.

just wondering what happened to mhairi, i am disappointed i didn/t get reply,after doing a research for her, it does help to reply as perhaps if its the correct info then one maybe able to help little more.
message for gina samson, signed 6th june 2020, if the following is your links to ancestors, please email at as i have too much for the one go. here goes. george-gray, abt 1749 pittully=pitsligo,,, married jane-mackie abt 1753 pitully, children,,christian ,,23/9/1775,,pitsligo,,,,alexander ..7/8/1777,pitsligo,,,alexander,,22/8/1778..pitsligo,,,also son francis baptised 11/7/1788 pitsligo. perhaps theres more you may come across,also all this needs confirmed. regards helen.
message for .gina samson, signed 6th june, I had a wee search,and thought this may be your link, Alexander -gray about 1777,pitsligo,, died abt 1851,,,married 13/7/1805 ,,old-machar ,,,helen- brown about 1788 aberdeenshire..... children,,,george,,8/7/1805,,st-nicholas,,,,helen,,baptised,,20/12/1806,,,christian,,,4/2/1809,,,,, jane..??/ baptised 7/2/1814,,all st-nicholas,,,, mary ,,10/1/1816...sarah,,16/4/1818,,,, beatrice,,,1/8/1820,,, there was Ann,,24/3/1826?? also james,, 22/5/1828.... all st-nicholas,,, maybe grn/children..??? it all needs confirmed, but i do hope its of some help to you Gina,,,,,, R egards helen.
message for mhairi signed 24/9/2020. I think these folkies are your ancestors, john-barclay 25/12/1785 aberdeenshire,,,,died 1845 aberdeenshire,,,,married 20/11/1811 old=meldrum,,,,,lydia-sellar born artamford???? scotland,,,died 16/4/1858 tyrie......children,,,william 1/12/1814 tyrie,,,,james 18/11/1820 tyrie,,,,,peter,,22/6/1826...tyrie, isabella??? 18/1/1842 tyrie, this maybe grn/child,,,,,and maybe you will come across other children.... Peter 1826-march 1905 pitsligo,,,married 18/1/1845 pitsligo,,,,mary=mcdonald,,born 21/1/1823 gamrie,,, children,,, alexr mcdonald barclay baptised 8/4/1845,,,mary fowlie barclay,,29/10/1846,,,james 20/11/1848,,,william,,,2/12/1850 pitsligo died 22/11/1907 vermont.... lydia-sellar barclay,,2/8/1852pitsligo= 1936 unknown/? Hope this helps but needs confirmed, most dates baptisms.... good luck, helen
My ancestors Lydia Sellar and John Barclay, Peter Barclay and Mary McDonald
Thank you Helen Finlayson I must have missed your comment I have some of those names and I will now check Wednesday
My James (well my late hubby’s) died in Stockport Cheshire England and was buried in a Cheadle graveyard
Thank you will post and let you know
just wondering if this is no more,as there has not been any queries since my own in may, i really miss going through the requests for help. cheers everyone. helen
Looking for help please!

I was at New Pitsligo (Turlundie) cemetery with my Dad on Sunday trying, unsuccessfully, to find my great grandparents grave, I now have the death records & plot number so can anyone advise where I can locate a map of the cemetery please?
I’m looking for grave B/64 specifically.

Thank you.
hello,i am wondering if anyone is researching,,,,william -chapman/rebecca scott, family.i am trying to get info on netta -scott,also sister jean....i need dates of birth,and if married, any info would be appreciated,i do have a lot on this family,and other branches of the scott family. regards helen.
i am keen to get info on williamina scott born i think12/2/1909 udny? and married john page robertson who was a railway clerk, i have not details on john either,or if they had children. I have searched for hours on the internet,but no joy, hope someone can help me out, regards helen.
It has been a few years since I sent in the photo - image 481 in Days Gone By of a souvenir plate. I have one of two brought from Scotland to Canada by my grandmother either in 1920 when she moved to Canada or in the mid 1930's when she went back for a visit. No one seemed to know about these plates when I asked before but I thought that I would ask again. Surely there were more than two of them made. Hoping to find out some more information abut my plate. Thanks. Joy Cehovin
Hello all from NZ. Like so many I have got into geneology over the Covid 19 break. I am trying to track down any info of my 5x GGrandfather Alexander Gray born in Pitsligo circa 1777. He married a Helen Brown (I think). His parents were George Gray and poss Helen Mackie. Alexander died abt 1851 and had at least one daughter Jessie (Janet) Gray. If anyone has any info him would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards
hello message for alison grimwood murry regarding william forbes, just google sir william forbes 6th baronet.....all his info is there,especially on very interesting to read regards helen.
hello.i am one of many who has to isolate for 12weeks,glad i have a garden,although its rather big . i am also interested in tracing my ancestors,but at a standstill,as i need the genealogist to update the trees i am working on. Is there anyone,needing to look into their family tree,or perhaps at standstill too. put your info on this terrific website,maybe i would be able to help you,it will pass the time until archives open.
Do you know if, within the archives of Sir William Forbes (6th Baronet), there is mention of the families who bought plots of land in New Pitsligo during the first wave of sales in 1788 and the second wave in 1803. Has anyone in your group investigated the archives. I've read some articles describing the original set up of New Pitsligo and wonder if the information has come from these archives; if they still exist? Your website is a mine of information so I'm hoping you'll be able to help. Many thanks.
Just a follow up to my post on March 3rd.
I found a similar face book site called Cuminestown now and then and was able to find a link to an ancestral tree for my family on with the help of a lovely lady named Fiona Stephen. I would also like to thank Helen Finlayson, who is a regular visitor to your site and offers assistance to people looking to trace their heritage.
Love your site and will visit again.
My name is Robert Alexander Thomson I was born in Turriff hospital 1947 and I am trying to find information of my mother, Margaret Jane Thomson. I was raised as a foster child by the Gibb family in Rothienorman. I have done some research and found a Margaret Thomson born 1923 in Pitsligo. I also see from the 1931 register of electors that there is an Alexander Thomson and Mrs Andrina Thomson listed at 75 Low street. Was wondering if anyone has any information of them having a daughter named Margaret and any other children.
My birth certificate shows an address of Transport cottages, Cuminestown for my mother.
If any one has any information can contact me at my
Thank you, Robert
hello neil Greenland, no,i am not a relative,its just that , occasionally I go on this site, when I have given up on researching my own tree ,for a while. I do spend a lot of money in our local archives,which I don/t grudge,that way you know the names and dates are correct,in between I do some of it myself. I came across this site a few years ago,researching a friends ancestors in pitsligo,and I just have a browse and help others if I can,on websites I use myself that are also free. WORLDCONNECT is good,and so is freecen,and familysearch. good luck neil
Thanks Helen for your reply on 2nd January ( sorry I have only just seen it). Yes this is the right family and Jessie was my grandmother's sister - she had another sister Maggie and brothers Alexander, George, James and John. Can I ask how you are connected and whether we share a common ancestor perhaps?
I'm here again
I have my father in law Born 1921 At Hillside Cook New Byth

Anywhere I could look for information
Thank you
Can you send me some information on joining the bowling club membership please
Thank you

I have been going through some old work I had and found that
1920 Bella (Annabella) and James Sim-Mutch lived at
Moss Cook Crudie
could this have been a farm or a Blacksmiths
sorry I know its not New Pitsligo but maybe someone could shred some light on it.
I am going through some old papers I have so might be more questions
Thank You Polly
for neil Greenland. I just wondered if this maybe yours?.....Alexander -Anderson/married/29/10/1870.strichen,,,Christina-wishart,,,daughter,jessie-ann,born 5/4/1881,pitsligo..
hello polly.i had a little search for you and wondered if any of the following is what you are looking for. on the 1881 census there is james s mutch born abt 1869 Orkney,and lived in pitsligo 1881,at 48 high street.grn/son of john sim and jane. others in the house were Maggie -sim,age 23 born Orkney.peter sim.age21 born Orkney. john sim/jane were both born Aberdeen-shire. the 1871 census,has them living in pitullie-village,,,,,john age 60,a fisherman,wife jean age 69,,,others in house, Margaret age 15.john 11.jannet/aka /jessy age 9. ann age 7,christian age 5,george age 2,,there is also a William.and 1861 census.there is adam/forbes/sim age 5,with George age 2,also ann age 7,,and parents john/jean. I also came across a james s mutch .died 24/10/1965,aberdeen.buried allanvale-cemetery, this info may not be yours polly.but I do hope so. happy new year.
I have received no response to my query re. the Anderson family who lived at 10 School St. in the mid 1800's. However I left no email address. If anyone has any information I'd love to hear from them
back again with a query still doing the family tree
James Sim Mutch was a Carter/ Blacksmith/Smithy is wife was Annabella/Bella
they had a blacksmiths I think on the outskirts of town Where a fire broke out maybe a thatched roof??
daughter Catherine once told me they had chickens and would collect eggs and exchange for a sweets on there way to school and that Jimmy Davidson lived with them as a child.
anyone any idea
1911 51 Lowe St lived Annabella ne Ross
1911 48 High Street lived James Sim Mutch and his grandad John Sim They had lived in Orkney from 1881 and came back in 1854
1926 still in residence
1928 Residence Stockport Cheshire
b1913 James William Sim Mutch
B:1918 Isa Annabella Sim Mutch
B: 1921 George Sim-Mutch
B: 1923 Roderick Alexander Sim Mutch
B 1918 Harold Athren Sim Mutch
B 1909 Catherine Metcalf Ross
also a Jimmy Davidson stayed with them I think as a young lad
thank you abit long winded sorry
also New Byth 1913-1916
My maternal grandmother Leslie Christina Anderson was born at 10 School St. on 21/101882 to parents Alexander and Christina (nee Wishart) and later married Henderson Taylor from Durness/Thurso. Alexander was a quarry labourer and the 1901 Census showed the family living at 14 School St.. I also have a record of John Wishart (my grandmother's brother in law) living at 65 High St.. Both he and my grandfather were policemen in due course and John Wishart had a son John who was killed on D day 1944. If anyone local has connections to or knowledge of either family I would love to hear from them! Great website!