Some of the photographs in this section by kind permission of Mr Ben Godsman, Wellington, Telford. John Gerrard,  New Pitsligo  and Mitchell Wood , Mintlaw
If anybody looking at any of these photographs , recognise any of the people that are not already mentioned please-get in
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Granite Quarries around New Pitsligo


The main industries were quarrying and building. There were five quarries within a mile of New Pitsligo to which bands of quarrymen walked back and forth twice daily. The rhythmic tramp of there feet on those occasions was a familiar feature of village life. A great many quarry men were employed all the year round blasting and dressing the stone. In two of the photographs you will see the first compressor to arrive in the quarry which must have made it so much easier for the men.  St John's church in the High Street which was built using local stone and labour is truly a magnificent memorial to the men of the surrounding area.


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