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Hello John Milne if you fill in the contact request form I will get back to you regarding the shoe shop
Victoria BC Canada.
sun 22 jun 08
James Robertson,a Pitsligo loon,born at moss litter factory76 yers ago,brought up at 5 a low st.
Have a nephue,Andy Michie school brae, a nece margret
Mitchel Strichen,
2 old friend\'s, Scotty Smith, Billy Millen, both in the heat busines, Peat and coal.
Thank you John for a great effort.
Very professional! - well done John, you`ve done power of work since I last visited the site, gets better and better, keep up the good work.
Query:- You have a photo depicting a van/lorry with \"Pratts Oil\" written on the sign above the window, there appears to be an oil company name on the driver`s door, any idea what the name of the company is? --
Stumbled upon your website by accident and was fascinated by the old photographs of New Pitsligo. My family went to live at 144 High Street in early 1943 to escape the German bombing of Aberdeen. We lived in the village from then until my dad re enlisted in the army in 1953. I have many wonderful memories of growing up in Cyaak (think that\'s how it\'s spelt). Keep up the good work of promoting New Pitsligo. Best Wishes.
Thank you so much , what a wonderfull site.
I lived in Fraserburgh 2000-2004, and my aunt still lives on Low Street. My Dad (John) and his father (Dod, or George) owned a shoe shop in Pistligo around 1959 for a couple of years when they both lived in School Place. Do you happen to have any photos or info about this shop?
I used to live in New Pitsligo from 1989 - 1998, i loved looking at the pictures, you should include pictures of how it is now so people get a better idea of how times changed. But in all its a good site!!
Thought i\'d leave your first comment!!

Faye xxx