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My great grandmother was born in High Street, New Pitsligo. Her parent's were Mary Glennie and James Walker (known as Trombone Walker). My great great aunt was Georgina Walker, who was ladies maid to Edna May, the Belle of New York.
Anyone got any information about any of the following people - Bruce Ferguson who was the son of Alexander Ferguson, Ploughman who was married to Isabella McGilvray on 8 February 1896 in New Pitsligo? They lived at 80 High Street. Bruce was born on 17 June 1904.
Thank you.
My Grandfather, JAMES MILNE, was born in Low Street, New Pitsligo, 24 Feb. 1867 to James Lovie Milne & Margaret Mortimer. He emigrated to New York as a young man & then to Ontario Canada & died there 1929. My father JOSEPH GORDON MILNE served in G.B. during WW2 & met my mum. We went to Bancroft Ontario 1946 but returned 3 years later. Any Milne connections left in New Pitsligo? Or any trace?
Looking for my granmothers family. Her maiden name was Georgina Johnson (spelling of surname not certain) left new pitsligo during 1st world war and moved to North Wales.
Hi, just found this amazing site and am hoping to get in touch with Kathie Hilditch (nee Urqhurt). From the info she left I believe she knew my Great Great Uncle Robert Chalmers. Up until 93 My Great Uncle Dod (George Chalmers) lived in the house which is still empty. She might even have met my Gran (Mary) as she didnt die until 1948 (but by then lived in Stonehaven). I have just started to try and find the family tree my Mum started but didnt complete. Any memories of the Chalmers family would be great. I have fond memories of visiting Dod up until his death. I have really enjoyed visiting this site and will show it to my Mum who spent holidays out here when she was little. My email address is
For Robert Bridges. My old e mail account was hacked and my new address is Will call when we have arrived in Scotland after Sept 2 to see if you will be at Bonnykelly Lodge on Sept 4/5. My mobile number in the USA is 609 651 0693 - probably have to dial 001 first.
re post 172 pauline taylor.
maybe the culsh memorial at new deer cemetery was the tower you remember. have a look for new deer on wikipedia
Can anyone on your excellent site help? My family came from Artemford/New Pitsligo and sixty years or so ago, as a small child, I visited the grave of my great grandmother, Helen Watt Sangster, with my grandmother. I remember my grandmother climbing to the top of a tower in the cemetery and looking down on me as I stood by Helen's grave. I would love to find it again. All I know about Helen is that she was born about 1853. Does anyone recognise the cemetery?
Image 289 (man, 2 women, Public Hall) Days Gone By page.

I'm not certain, but I think the man in the photo is Duncan Anderson (who was my uncle through marriage).

He left New Pitsligo in the early fifties to work in Nigeria. During his work leave he built the red coloured bungalow in High Street (the 4 C's cafe is next door to it).

He then lived just outside Edinburgh for many years.
Keep visiting the web site
I wondered if I just put some names and dates if anyone as heard of them
James Sim-Mutch (blacksmith/carter) b 1868 Birsay Orkney (mum Jane Sim b1845-d1869) lived with his granddad John Sim b1817-1904 and his grandma Jane/Jean (Milne)b1817-1888
lived at 48 High Street
married Annabella Ross

Annabella Ross or Bella b1887
daughter Catherine *Irene/Cath) Ross b1909

Annabella and James had
Isa Annabella

Aunty Irene (Catherine) once told us they lived on a farm and took eggs to the shop to exchange for pennies/sweets. That the farm burnt down
That they had a lad living with them called James(Jimmy) Davidson
moved to Stockport Cheshire England after 1926 not sure yet on date

Thanks Polly
For Rob at Post 168 - my e mail address is and you have my mobile here in the USA - 001 609 651 0693. I spoke to your mother Jean today in Suffolk and I left you a message on another number which she gave me. I'll try and call you at BKL this Sunday. I've now learned that my Godmother and your Grandmother was Ailean Bridges. I have shooting card from BKL in Oct 1961 with a list of guns (your father Sandy was one) and what was shot. My wife Lisa and I are staying in the Pitsligo Arms for the night of Sept 4 on our way around Scotland from Sept 1 to 26. Richard.
Re-Message Post 166 from Richard Moody, let me have your e-mail address and then I can tell you all about who is now living at Bonnykelly Lodge and update you on the Bridges family members.
Very informative and interesting site you have.

Re my previous request about Bonnykelly Lodge, does any one know the whereabouts of the Bridges family who used to live there? Admiral Henry Bridges and his wife Ailean. Thanks.
I've been on this site many of times and every time I find a tidbit of information.
Does anyone know of the Rollos? Helen (Nell) Rollo?
If they do, could they please get in touch @
It is great to see more and more people discovering the great NewPitsligo website. I have a question for anyone who knows about Joseph and Rachel Youngson of Low St. They had 16 or so children and the youngest was Bertha Kearney Youngson. She was born in May 1917 and died in August 1917. My grandmother Joeina was the eldest of these children but she never spoke of little Bertha.
We are researching our MacKay family from New Pitsligo. Alexander MacKay and his wife Margaret nee Davidson lived at Leechesburn, New Pitsligo in 1871 and then later at 41 High Street Tyrie . They were still in Tyrie in 1891.We believe my husband's grandmother Elspet was one of their 9 children. Elspet married George Marnoch and they and their 4 children later moved to South Africa.
We are very keen to trace the families of hr siblings. We know that Isabella and Mary Murison who were born at Brucklay in the early 1900's were definitely related , but we have no idea who their parents were. Isabella married Vincent Musson and died in Leicestershire in 2002.
The MacKay siblings were William, Agnes, Christina, Isabella, James, Alexander , Hennetta , John and Alice. Thanks. Vicki
Re my message of Dec 30 2010, can anyone please tell me who now owns and lives in Bonnykelly Lodge where my Canadian godmother Ailean Bridges lived many years ago? I plan on visiting NP in Sept this year and would like to stop by BKL. Thanks.

Richard Moody
Mobile in USA 001 609 651 0693
Loved looking at your site, we lived in New Pitsligo from Nov 2002 to Dec 2007.

Moved to Ellon and then down to North Yorkshire, have enjoyed looking at all the photo's, brought back many happy memories! :D

Both our boys Douglas and Cameron are doing really well at school, Douglas especially well and is now ahead of where he should be with a grade of 5b which equates to him being in the top 10%!! and maths he is where he needs to be, which considering other teachers pretty much wrote him off is quite an achievement!!

If anyone remembers us then would love to hear from you.

Sandra, David, Douglas and Cameron x
Hi , This is a fabulous site i have been exploring it all day , My Grandmother was born in New pitsligo in 1922 , peathill , Her name was Jeannie fentie Rennie , she was the daughter of fredrick laird Rennie , We believe her mothers name was also Jeannie ..........................
Jeannie joined the Army A.T.S as a young lady and served as a seargent
she had a very impressive all military wedding In Elgin to my welsh Grandfather Dennis Thomas and they settled in south wales in a small village called Abertridwr in 1943

I Would love to know What Peathill is ? And is King st in new pitsligo ?
What a great site! I found my great grandfather George Gall along with his son Gordon listed on the Register of Electors, 1931. They resided at 68 Low Street and 15 High Street, respectively. My great grandfather (George) and great grandmother (Eliza Ann Brockie) were from New Pitsligo. They had 4 children (George, Alexander, Gordon and Eliza Ann). Both George and Alexander emigrated to Canada and I am descended from George. George and Alexander were stone masons. Apparently, Gordon and Eliza Ann stayed in Scotland. My great grandmother (Elisa Ann Brockie) passed away in 1920 and my great grandfather George passed away in 1938. If anyone has information regarding the Galls or the Brockies I would be elated to hear from them.

Keep up the good work,
David :)
I have a small Book 'Ben & Kit' given to my grandmother Mary Ann Robb about 1890. It has an inscription to her by her teacher Maggie French. Could this be the unknown teacher in your last photo?
I just want to thank you for bringing back the happy years i had in the village. We lived in the house next to the public hall .My mum had ladies & gents hairdressers. We left the village in 1970 and moved to Glenrothes in Fife.
To Sandra Jean Hawkins and others: my g-grandmother Alice Cameron (Aberdeen) (married to Albert John Cross (Bermingham,UK) came to the USA via Canada and the Boer War in South Africa. her parents were William Cameron & Ann Ironside Norrie, (daughter of George Norrie & Ann Joss Duncan died in 1932 @ 101; respectively the children of Charles Norrie/Norie & Barbara Hadden and Archibald Duncan & Jean Hutcheon/Hutcheson)
Would love to get in contact. ....David Gerard in the USA. (631-351-2973)
also searching Cameron & Cruickshank ancestors in Aberdeen area. Thank You to all

Post number:
13th of September 2010 06:17 PM by Sandra Jean Hawkins
" the Obituary of my 2great grandmother Ann Norrie who died in 1932 aged 101 years. "
Is Bonnykelly Lodge now a B & B? My godmother - Ailean Bridges - lived there when I was a boy. Her husband, Henry, was a Royal Navy Admiral. I stayed there when I was flying out of RNAS Lossiemouth in the '60s. Now live in the USA but will be visiting Scotland in Sept 2011 and would like to see/stay at the Lodge. Any info gratefully accepted. Thanks.
Hey from Nova Scotia.

Just came across your website. Can't believe I've never seen it before. My great grandfather Joseph HORNE was born in Mintlaw, son of Arthur HORNE and Jane ROBERTSON. They also lived in New Pitsligo. I managed to visit there in 2004. Loved it. Can't wait to go back one day.

Nova Scotia Canada
Just like to say Merry Xmas and all the best with your fantastic site, I keep coming back every now and again for a wee look. My interests with New Pitsligo are off course the McKay,s.( Maggie the picture with a story). Still researching!. Many thanks .Flo.
Hi iam a local and my interest is the pitsligo gas works not much recorded started to be built in 1859 struct from register 1889 nov 19 . any infomation would be welcome
First of all, this is a brilliant website, please keep up the hardwork!

Looking for information on my ggg-grandparents John Barclay/Lydia nee Sellar (married 1811) - and lived at High Street, New Pitsligo. Lydia Sellar was from Artamford, New Deer in her days prior to the marriage. Both are buried at Turlundie Kirkyard, although no sign of their gravestone. They had the following children:

John who died in the West Indies of fever
Andrew married to Ann Finnie, buried at New Pitsligo
Peter, b.1826, my gg-grandfather who married first Mary McDonald who I descend from (Mary d.1858), he then married Jean Murison Park also from New Pitsligo - (Peter/Jane are buried at Turlundie Kirkyard)

Kindest regards
Graeme A. Barclay
I agree.... wonderful website! Had never heard of New Pitsligo, until I found it today, listed as the place of birth for my husband's great-great grandmother, Mary Rennie Finlay, on the 1891 Census. I was delighted to find this great website about her home town; gives context to a woman we know very little about.

Mary married James Fin(d)lay circa 1889, they moved to Glasgow a few years later, then to Canada around the turn of the century. They settled in the Rainy River District of Ontario and went on to raise 8 children, literally carving a home for themselves out of the bush. I have a photo of James and Mary and their family if anyone is interested. I a willing to share family history information, and can be reached at
For starters excellent website you have here, great for us people tracing our family history. If anyone can help me trace my great grand parents or point me in any direction I would appreciate it. I`ve been through scotlands people, and run into a few illegitimate births which kind of puts a wall up?!
My grand father was James Rollo born 24.7.1890, 25 or 35 Low Street to a Maggie Rollo! On his marraige certificate it shows him staying in Garmouth, Morayshire and marrying Mary Grant on 4.7.1915 and on the certificate shows father being Geotge Rollo-mother Mary Rollo I see on your 1931 cenus theres a few Rollo`s still kicking around! Please conatact me at if you can help. With thanks Iain
Does anyone have any pictures or even better history of one of the most hidden away houses in New Pitsligo. The house is just on the curve of the road on High Street across from where the old doctors surgery used to be.
There is also a fenced off road at the bottom of Low street which goes directly to the house.
There is what used to be stables there too.
If anybody has new or old pictures and some info about the building please share as i always found the house fascinating as a child as by the fact it was fanced off and hidden away from everything.
my gggg grandfather alexander norrie(1791) was from the aberdeenshire area.his son migrated to australia in the mid 1800s.i hope one day to get over there and meey any of the norries still n residence,
My maternal grandparents were William Horne Buchan and Agnes Gammach. I have visited New Pitsligo and found my grandmothers siblings in the mid 70's. I remember Auntie Jean who raised William..What a lovely town and people..Any info is most welcome..
just found this website -what a wealth of fasinating info - i was just wondering if anyone could help me with some research i am doing. i am the ggggggrand daughter of james Milne born abt 1730 christian Guthrie born abt 1734 - Thier children were William b 1756 (I think he married Anne Chessor) james b 11.11.1765 and Jean b 1758 - we think she married a john milne in 1781 in pitsligo, but the dates we have for his birth is 1796 which must be wrong they had a daughter called Andrina who married my ggggrandad john rennie - If anyone could help i would appreciate it email is
This website is great!
I have loads of ancestors who lived in New Pitsligo. One of them was John Cartney Scott, born 62 Low Street, on 5th October 1908. His mother was Mary Jane Scott who later married James Cobban Taylor.There were 2 older siblings, Jeannie Davidson Scott,born 1904, 58 Low Street, & Mary Davidson Scott born 1907 in 67 Low Street. They were all known as Taylors (according to school admission rolls). Mary went on to have another 5 children with James. I would like to find out more about John. The last I heard of him was in 1926 when he was working in Bogs, Kininmonth.
My grandfater was John Knox Norrie who latterly lived at 3 Church Street, New Pitsligo. You have a photograph of him and my granny Whillamina with their 1st born. You also have the story of George 'Dancie' Norrie who is my Great Grandfather. To complete the set I have a newspaper cutting of the Obituary of my 2great grandmother Ann Norrie who died in 1932 aged 101 years.
So many great photos, even ones of my dad when he was at school.
Looking for information on the Smith family had owned bakers in New Pitsligo, in particular any information relating to spinster sisters taking in and bringing up an abandoned baby boy (which was my great great grandfather). Thanks
Fantastic website, well done and I echo the comments from past posts that all villages should have such a record. My great-great grandparents were John and Andrina Wood (nee Noble), they lived at 44 Low Street and had a family of 10, he was a stone mason and she was a dressmaker. My great-grandmother was Mary (born 1907) and the eldest of the children, other 9 were Robert, Richard,
Mitchell, William, Janet, Georgina, Helen, Andrina and Gladys. Their spouses were/are in respective order Wilma ??, Margaret Low(e),Katherine ??, Mary ?? (children Edna, Gladys, Wilma and George Wood),Sandy
Mundie, Doddie McRobbie, Sandy Martin, William (Dan) Hunter and Johnston Cruden (children John and Gary Cruden). E-mails or posts about further information/relatives would be gratefully received. Chris, Inverurie.
RE The post number 137, i would like to give a big thank you to Mike Murray for his info on Elisa, who was my grandmothers sister, I was the submitter of the article. Many thanks for your info. It has given
me a new lead on finding out about Elisa.

My great great grandparents immigrated from New Pitsllgo, Aberdeeshire in 1871. He was George Cardno Mackie. She was Mary Cameron Mackie. George came to Barre VT to to work in the quarries. 10 years later he started the 1st granite manufacturing plant in Barre. I would love to go to Scotland and visit his birth place. I am thinking I must have relatives in that area. They both left behind brothers and sisters. George was born in1849. Anybody out there know of a connection? My e-mail address: I am Meg Denton.
Re photographs with a story - Maggie Milne there is the following comment. Its not known what happened to Elisa but Maggie appears to have lived with Ann Smith up untill Ann`s death in 1908 aged 90yrs
According to Elisa married a Charles William Israel on 16.01.1904 in New York. Maybe this information could help the contributer of the article.
What a wonderful website! I've already spent over an hour browsing and will, I'm sure, be back many times.
I was born in the village in 1943 and have lived in New Hampshire since mid 1960's. I'd love to hear from some of the folks I went to school with. My family moved to Aberdeen in 1955. My grandparents were John and Margaret Smith founders of the bakery. My parents were Dillon and Grace (Morgan) Smith. My brother John still runs the bakery. I have very fond memories of my early childhood in the village. My 11 grandchildren are anxious to know all about their Scottish heritage and will hopefully make the effort to visit New Pitsligo sometime in the future. Again, congratulations on a truly great website. Margaret Smith Trumbull
I am son of William and Maggie Helen Wallace who left for Zimbabwe(Rhodesia)...looking for relatives of my grandfather, James Wallace....William and his brother Alexander(Sandy) both went to Zimbabwe...believe grandmother's name was Georgina.
Hi, fantastic website :) I'm actually looking to stay in New Pitsigo, the place is brilliant and the school is second to none! If anyone knows of any places to rent here could you let me know? E-mail, thanks a bunch xx
Great website! My paternal grandparents are William (Horne) Buchan and Agnes Gammack who emigrated to Canada after WWI (William came before and went back during WWI after enlisting). William was the first son of Rachel Horne and my great-great-grandfather is Sticky Horne so I am related to the lady from Australia (Tricia Gall, Jan 23 post)! Although we don't share the same great-grandfather as William was the illegitimate son of Rachel before her marriage to Youngson. There was another son Norman Youngson prior to Joeina's birth but he died fighting in WWI. There was a family story that someone emigrated to Australia so now I know who!
Taught at the school between the years1986-95 and recognise lots of the pupils in the pics from those years, possibly could add a few more names to the pics.
Have also got more photos that I am sure I could find and let you have a shot of!
Haven't escaped the photos either have found 2 of myself and it's
Loved the pictures. Saw my dad on a school photo. His mum & dad, Ian & Elizabeth Davies lived at 57 Low St. 1931 She was born at 8 Low St. 1913. Any info on Margaret Johnstone would be much appreciated.
Great website. Loved the photos and the story about the shopkeepers. Very interesting to see the Bodie relatives were taylors here . Maybe there are still some Bodie's living there ?? Orginate from Willam George Boddie, 1891- ? son of Peter Fyvie Boddie 1857- ? and Annie Wright . Peter was the son of William Boddie1818- ? and Elspet Fyvie, and William was son of Peter Boddie 1788-1863 and Agnes Ironside 1791-1859