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Fantastic site,
been browsing again for some stuff to help my old man remember his time in the village.
great reminders for me as well, I left the village with the family when oor Duncan went to the Academy in the 'Broch'
but some of his earlier school photies are there so he's in for some stick believe you me
The guy next to Davy Milne, Wullie Whyte, John Gerrard is Ian Jones from Melbourne. He is Davy's cousin.Who posted all the photos of Phylis and Doddie Fraser.It makes me homesick when i look at the site. cheers Kader
My late grandfather lived in New Pitsligo -re the Clark family.George Clark lived in Aberdeen where I was born circa 1943 I wondered if any one remembers him?
Sorry forgot to put my e-mail address :
My father William Barr (Bill) was evacuated to a peat farm during the war and I would love to trace the family who were kind enough to take him in. I used to spend some holidays on the farm in the early 60's. I thought the family name was Sturrock, but I do remember Mary the daughter married a German prisoner of war who had worked on the farm. Can anyone give me any information? By the way very well established web-site - well done.
I was looking through the old photos of New Pitsligo and came across one that had a Mr and Mrs Robertson in it, I have been trying to find out if they are my grandparents who used to live in Low Street, They would have been John Bruce Robertson and Helen Robertson (nee Sangster). I dont have any photos of them and my grandad died before i was born and my nan died when i was 6. It would be lovley to find out if anybody knew them or has any information.
Really good site! Loved seeing photos of my mam Eileen ,uncles Jake and Scottie Smith and granny and granda . Keep up the great work!
I was so happy to find your web site which is full of interesting facts.
My late husband JohnTaylor Malcolm is in one of the school photos.
Johnny (as he was known )lived at 11 School Street with his widowed mother Edith and brother David.His father died in India during the second world war and his name is on the War Memorial.I have many happy memories of New Pitsligo
What a great website!

My grandmother, Elspet Alexandra Bruce Stewart was brought up in New Pitsligo. I see from the Electoral Roll 1931 that her parents William and Mary Stewart (nee Bruce) and brother William James Stewart were at 25 High Street.

William and first wife Rachel (nee Kilgour) were married in NP in 1890. They lived at 24 High Street where their three children, Winnie, Mary Jane and Annabella were born.

Later, William (snr), lived with his brother, Johnny, at 21 High Street (both shepherds). They died in the late 1950s.

Their parents James (sheep dealer/shepherd) and Annie Stewart (nee Clark) lived at 33 High Street from 1863. He died at 31 High St. in 1900.

If anyone knows anything about the family I would love to hear from them at
Shirley Lingham has left a message below about my grandparents Stanley and Lizzie Robertson. I'll leave my email address below and hopefully answer any questions she has. The website is fantastic. I stumbled across it a wee while ago and have found it really interesting. Well done.Email
I've just spent hours looking at your website, it is so interesting. Loved seeing my Great Granny and Granda and my Nana in the pictures. (Peggy and Andrew Smith and Valerie Coutts). I really like the guest book as well...interesting to read that buchan loon from Victoria was a pal of my great uncle Scottie Smith.
I have been in Edmonton, Canada since 1995 and miss the village and all the people. I will visit this site regularly and let all my friends and family about it.
Great Job!
Hello Michael, i would be delighted to add your Grandfather's photo to the web site,as long as it is okay with your family. You can get hold of me via the contact button.
is there anyone in newpitsligo that could help me trace my relations,my nan helen robertson (nee sangster) lived in low street but died in 1961,she was married to john bruce robertson who passed away before i was born my aunt and uncle, stanley and lizzie robertson lived in newpitsligo and had 5 children, christina, ann, margaret, jean and stanley, we used to come up every summer to stay with them from kent. my mum was robina who was stanleys sister.i would dearly love to catch up with them as im coming up this year to visit newpitsligo if anyone knows where they are please could they help me find them
Your website just keeps getting better and better,

Liza Reid
New Pitsligo Resident
(112 Low Street 1989 to 1993)
will you put a picture up of my grandfather if i send you a picture. His name was Angus Cassie sadly missed and loved threw the village. thank you
M Pudsey
scots guards
My sister Lily and I have really enjoyed the trip down memory lane, had a good laugh at all the weel kent faces. I saw myself in a School Photo, my sister Muggie, and both my brothers, Alan and Andrew. A very good web site, keep it up.
Fantastic website.The school picture of my sister and i brought back wonderfull memories of our childhood during the 1950s. I was born and raised in New-Pitsligo and immigrated to New-York 1959. I now live in British Columbia.Canada.with my husband Hendry Hall who was originally from Rosehearty. Will submit some old photo\'s soon.

Christine (Shearer) Hall
British Columbia
Sitting looking at the site with my Mum and Dad (Dougal and Margaret (formerly Brown). Brilliant for me and my family to see, brings back lots of childhood memories. Mum and Dad blown away by everything they have seen.
Calum Mundie
im looking for the robertson family lived at 34 low street in the 1920-1950s. any relatives of helen sangster and john bruce robertson.there were stanley,robina, jean,bobby,gracie,mabel,douglas.if anyone has any information about this family please contact me as they were my mum robina married james lingham from kent.
brilliant just brilliant maybe some newer photoes of clubs etc. or am i nit picking.
My dad is buried there, James(Jimmy)Clark. his parents had a shop on the High Street. If anyone knows of the family or has photos I would LOVE to hear from them xx

thank you, (great site!!)
The website is good John. I have been coming to New Pitsligo for years. What you are missing in the New pitsligo today is the old surgery and i would suggest a photograph with the three orignal partners of the surgery outside the old surgery.
i love this site, keep it up is nice and good.
Just been viewing the old photographs and i was amazed by some of them. Many of them are very clear and it\'s very clear to see that the village have barely changed in the 100 years. I lived at 112 Low Street from 1989 to 1998, my mum continued to live at the same address until 2005.
very nice website.
My e-mail is

If any comments on previous entry.
My mother, Agnes Jane Patterson was born in New Pitsligo in 1902. She first lived with g/parents Charles Patterson & wife then with Elizabeth (Patterson) & Joseph Murray. She left in 1923 to go to New Zealand. Does anyone have any info on these families?
Ann SUE (Australia)
My grandmother was Elizabeth Barnett Smith and my uncle was Jimmy Smith. My grandmother was born in 1897 and I do believe it was in New Pitsligo. Does anyone have any information?
Geri Badiuk (nee Carpenter)
I posted a note last night but I did not give the last name of the people I was referring to
Peggy Argo
Charles Argo [nephew]
Pauline [don\'t know her married name] she is the daughter of Peggy and sister of Charles.............Just thought that if they saw this they might respond to me as I am in Canada and we only here news second hand.
Love the website

Hi, I am the wife of John Cameron who was born there along with hs twin brother and two sisters. I did visit New Pitsligo in 1997 and Peggy lived at School St. Her Daughter Pauline lives in the old school house. Will hae to go back some day as I recognized the church which Peggy took me to visit. Beautiful part of Scotland.
I came across your web site when I was Googling for information on New Pitsligo. Why, you might ask, would a person in Olathe, Kansas, USA, be interested in New Pitsligo, Scotland. Well, my great grandfather, William Taylor Kelman, immigrated from Scotland to Canada in the 1880s. I understand that he came from New Pitsligo, and his wife came from New Deer. I will be visiting Scotland in July 2009, and plan to tour that area on July 8. I have been searching through your web site, but didn\'t see any references to the Kelman name. If you have any historical pictures of the Kelman family I would certainly be interested.
I`m new to this computing lark, and was told about your website. It really is brilliant, and I was especially impressed when I came on a photo of my late Mother-in-law, Elizabeth Guthrie, taken at 26 High Street. Also there are many familiar names in school photos. Keep up the good work!
His naebody got a better photo of coming into the village
frae the tap of the Toon,if so lets have a gander,fed up llookin at the last twa picters on
cheers Allan Donald
I did not know about New Pitsligo until tonight.
I enjoyed your site. I saw some relatives in the photos.I miss the snow. bye from kader
Great site bring\'s back so many memories of my childhood, did see myself on one photo someone has a long memory ? Wilkie never did find out why we were called Wilkie when my name is Lewis Wilson
Mistakes can happen .
Keep up the good work I really enjoyed the site
I am very impressed with your website. The illustrations and signposts are clear and well thought out.
I hope to visit one day.
Keep up the good work
What a great website. My Gran & Granpa Lowe lived in New Pitsilgo & was looking for local history about my family, came across my Uncle Gavin in you school photographs.I have many memories of New Pitsilgo & loved when i got a penny to go to Betty Beadies for a sweety!!
Fantastic website. My family were the Corbett\'s from Pitsligo. My two great uncles Alexander and John died in the Great War. I\'m still trying to recover their War Medals. Alex had the bike shop and married a Bain.
Although born in Aberdeen I live in Australia and Switzerland most of the year. I still enjoy returning to Pitsligo which I do quite regularly. Great place great people!!
Great to see this website. My great, great, great grandfather John Edward and his family lived in 129 High Street back in the 1860\'s through to the 1880\'s.
I love the snowy photos! You must have a good photographer!!

This site has obviously been done with a lot of dedication, time and great knowledge. The collection of photos both old and new are wonderful. To enable them to be enlarged is a treat to see them so clearly.

Lorraine Knott, Queensland, Australia
Snowy photos look great dad!! Good job, well done!! x
Really enjoyed this site and found it interesting. More villages should have a similar web page to capture their history. Keep up the good work.
Found this fascinating I am researching my family tree and have discovered 1802 birth announcement for Campbell stating Archibald Campbell Sgt and Elizabeth Club had a son William in fornication John Grant and Alexdr Cruden are mentioned and the sponsor was John Pirie always though I was true Aberdonian but my research is taking me to different place i,.e. Seatown of Rosehearty. Now intend to visit. Thank you
Frances. Elgin
Was fascinated to come across your website by accident today - it brought back so many memories. As a child I lived at 11 Turlundie Terrace from when it was built until 1945 when my Mother died.
I attended school there throughout the war years and as I can best recall my pals and school mates were; Kenneth Rennie, James Strachan, Dodie Lovie, Ronnie Rollo and the girls I remember are, Kathleen Pirie, Helen Jamison, Margaret Calder to name but a few - I wonder if they are all still alive?
I also recall the body of a lad called Eric Smith being dragged from the quarry pond on the Strichen road and I also remember that there was a murder hunt at one time when a woman\'s body was found in a wood a few miles from the village( I believe it was blamed on one of the soldiers stationed nearby.
Hello there,

Are there any relatives of L/Cpl. James Shand MM a very brave young soldier from New Pitsligo who was killed in action in 1918, aged 21. If so would you please contact me, my details have been forwarded to the webmaster. I have something very special that you should know about.
Many thanks- Charles.
Loved the website. I grew up in New Pitsligo, the school looks so different now to what it used to be.
Cruickshank ancestors emigrated in the early 1900\'s from Broomhill croft near NP to Manitoba, in Western Canada. The photos are a wonderful asistance in writing up a family hstory. Is there a date for the excellent aerial photo of village? Thank you!
Browsing your wesite brought back happy memories, especially the photo of my late father in his Boys Brigade Uniform and my brother in the football team.
I to have Great Grand parents buried in New Pitsligo, their surnames are Mowat and Goodall .
We live in Dunfermline Fife i will be submitting some photos.