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My paternal grandfather and Grandmother both lived here around 1920_1940 I think
George Campbell
Daisy (Margaret) Smith
Moved to Dumbarton maybe 1930s
3 daughters Isabel (Tibby)Smith , Margaret Mitchell (Reta) Smith
Frances (Fanny) Smith
I sincerely hope someone can help
Eaglesham near Glasgow
I would like to thank someone fiona,who updated me on 29/11/2018 regarding jeannie-davidson-scott,kind regards,,,,,,helen finlayson,who is still working on the scott ancestors.
Re Jeannie Davidson Scott born 12 April 1904, at 58 Low Street.
I can confirm that she is not the one you are researching, helen finlayson . This Jeannie sadly died in 1921 at Auchtygills, Strichen.
RE: Bruce Ferguson

Further to my previous comment, please note that the correct email address to contact me for information relating to Bruce Ferguson is I seem to have missed a letter in my previous comment.

Re: Bruce Ferguson

A friend has just brought it to my attention that a Meriel Clark posted on this site August 31, 2011 looking for information relating to Bruce Ferguson - born in New Pitsligo June 17, 1904 to Alexander and Isabella Ferguson.

Bruce was a younger brother to my Grandfather George Ferguson and I do have information that I can share. If Ms. Clark would contact me at I would be pleased to share information about Bruce's family.

I am trying to find info on one of my wife's family decendants. His name was Authur Troup and his wife was Agnus Troup and he was a game keeper for a country house (maybe Bonnie lodge) and had farm called sprottieneuk? and she met him in the 1970,s. He was there for 16 years. He would have had a farm he got with the job
This is a wonderful collection of photos and memories about New Pitsligo. John Boyes Sinclair 1866-1938 was my 1st cousin 1x removed.I notice that photo no 119 is of his shop. Could you let me know if it would it be possible to have a copy of this? I am of course willing to pay for it.
Many thanks
Jenny Henderson
My dad was the Rev George McDonald at the Parish Church from 1952 till about 1958. We arrived at the end of January in 1952 to snow so high we actually walked across the tops of the gates to the manse without knowing they were there. Dad was inducted into the charge on the 6th of February 1952. It was the same day King George the 6th died. I was only 4 years old but I remember lots of phone calls as they weren't sure if the induction could take place. I went to St John's School first when Miss Findlay was the head. Mrs Clarke was my teacher in Primary 1. I went to the New Pitsligo school till I was 11 then we moved back south again. I remember digging in the clay of the burn in the Den Wood to get the right stuff to make "bools" which we baked in mum's oven. I saw one of the school photos and there I was. Loved the site it brought back some lovely memories. My sister was born in the manse in 1953, the first baby born in the manse for about 100 years. I don't have a website but my email is .
I am Alistair Robertson from Maud.
My query is that many years ago when I was looking for spares from a scrap car in Billy Morrison's yard which was in the quarry above Greenspek (Site of the "Lost Cafe") I came across a small steam engine. I can't remember if it was a locomotive or just a winding engine but there were some rails and some wagons.
Does anyone else remember them and any history of them and what might have happened to them?
hello,this maybe of interest to dawn wood who signed 31/8/2018. charles-beange 24/2/1790 ,glaslaw died 23/6/1865 pitsligo,,,married ann gall born 1794-27/5/1840, also married elspet brown,born 1800-1875. the kids of charles were, isabella abt 1824,,married alex-taylor,,,,chas 20/7/1826-11/10/1837 pitsligo,,,jane 14/4/1833-5/8/1878,,married forbes -henderson born abt 1828....alexander 6/11/1835-6/2/1922 new-zealand,he married christina -burnet abt 1840-1923? they had 13 kids..christina was born 14/2/1840 strichen,,,died 3/5/1923 wyndham new-zealand,, kids charles,isabella,william,alexander,christina,james,sarahann,letitia,john,henry,jane,robert,george.. i do hope this helps,i am not linked.regards helen.
I come from a long line of Beange’s that lived and were born at Middlehill, New Pitsligo. The house was called Middlehill and I believe it is still there. My 3x great granparent were William Beange and Helen Gavan. My 4x’s great grandparents were
John Beange born about 1750 and Isabella Wilson. Born about 1760. John may have married Elspet Brown after Isabella died.
I cannot find any Beange’s after John in 1750. I seemed to have hit a brick wall,
hoping there is someone that can help. Thanks , Dawn
I am researching my Great Great Grandfather, John Bruce Birnie born in New Pitsligo on 2nd January 1865. I will be travelling to New Pitsligo at the end of September 2018 to have a look at where my father's grandfather was born. I live in Wagga Wagga NSW Australia. When John came to Australia about 1886 he changed his name to John Bruce. His mother was Jane Birnie and I believe that he was illegitimate and was raised by his Grandfather Francis Birnie and Isabella Birnie (nee Bruce) . His mother Jane Birnie went on to Marry William Hall Horne in 1868 and they had 9 children. If there is anyone that can spare time when I am over there I would love to meet up. We will be flying in on the 28th September and flying out on Monday 1st October travelling to London to commence a bus tour of Britain. Looking forward to any response
Just found your site - recognise a few faces in the photos.

Resident 1973 - 1981
I am Lorraine Richter (nee Bruce) from Wagga NSW Australia, . My Great Great Grandfather was (I think!) John Bruce Birnie ( known as 'John Bruce' in Australia). John was born at Cowbog, New Pitsligo on 2.1.1865. Cowbog was his Grandfathers home. His mother was Jane Birnie (or Jean) his birth records shows him as Illegitimate .Jane later married William Horne in 1868 and had another 8 Children. The birth certificates of Jane and William Horne's children show address: 15 High Street, New Pitsligo.
I want to determine if John Bruce Birnie and John Bruce are the same.
John was raised by his Grandfather Francis Birnie and wife Isabella (2nd wife) at Cowbog, which appears now to be a quarry but I see an old home next door - possibly an original home? I am guessing that Cowbog may have been a farm. the census show John Bruce Birnie living at Cowbog (25 acres). John lived at Cowbog for 16/17 years
Francis Birnie first married Jane Rollo (died 1852). Children: James, Christian, JANE, Francis, George.
A John Bruce was in Australia in 1890. We believe when John arrived in Oz he changed his name - dropped the Birnie and became John Bruce. He married Louisa Simkin in Melbourne 1890 at Church of Scotland. Louisa's father was a mine manager from Ballarat who moved his family to Melb'n where Lousia met John. John & Louisa moved to Chiltern in Victoria where 8children were born.
He is known as John Bruce on his Marriage Certificate and all of the birth certificates of his 8 children but 'John Bruce' gives his birthplace as New Pitsligo and birth date exactly same as John Birnie
I have not been able to find how John arrived in Aust. Many Scots did go to USA & Canada for their Gold Rushes and then migrated to Australia. When John arrived in Aust the big gold rush in Ballarat was over.
I am travelling overseas Sept '18 ,flying to Aberdeen on 28th Sept. Looking forward to having a look around. Any help on history or a chat please email
I am a descendant of John Watt b. 23 Jan 1820 d. 25 Apr 1903 West Craigmaud, New Pitsligo and Ann Birnie b. 1820 Rathen d. 16 Jul 1907 West Craigmaud, New Pitsligo. I hope to find the location of the farm and would be interested in any photo's. Is there a museum or library in New Pitsligo that I could visit? I plan to visit around September 17-19th 2018. Any information would be appreciated, Barb
I am trying to trace beyond my maternal grgrgreatgrand father , one William Morrison, farm hand who married Jessie Smith, their son John married a Mary Scott. William Morrison would have been born circa 1780, somewhere in the area possibly, or migrated there. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Hi I stay at 133 high street and would love 2 find any old photos of the shop at 133 can u help or any info would b really appreciate x
hello,i have sent email to it came back to me for some reason,so i tried again,i hope this time you receive it... regards helen.
I am trying to trace any information about the Clark family, George Clark was a blacksmith living in New Pitsligo in 1891 at an address which was probably 20 Coubog. He was living with wife Barbara and seven children together with his mother-in-law, Christina Taylor. Any information would be great, Phil
After a long time planning I will be visiting New Pitsligo in the summer. My Mother and her ancestors were born in New Pitsligo, her maiden name was Jeanie Fentie Rennie and she was born in 1922. My grandparents were Fredrick Laird Rennie and Jeanie Fentie who both died in the 1930's. My mother joined the ATS and met my father who was posted in Scotland with the Royal Engineers, they married in Elgin in September 1941 and after the war settled in South Wales where they stayed for the rest of their lives.
My mother had two sisters, Mary 1910 to 1945 and Isabelle 1916 to 2001. I would be interested if anyone has any information about the family. I will be looking for the graves of my family and looking at any available records when I visit.
Can anybody advise who is on the picture 76 of 525 in the photo section?

Also where was the picture taken?
I am interested if there are any Fowlie families still there. My great grandparents came to Canada in the early 1900 I think or late 1890s . They were a John and Isabella Fowlie with a great family of 10 children. This is on my mother’s side. Thank you jane
My Grandmother was born here in the mid 1880-90’s. Her parents were Isabella and John Fowlie. There were 10 children and they first settled in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. Later they moved to Port Alberni BC Canada.When my Mom visited it was a Sunday and everything was shut but there were Fowlie,shop. Are there still many Fowlies around please!
I would be great full of any information about The Barclay Brothers who were the owners of The Barclay Bothers Granite Works out in Vermont ....Their mother Mary MacDonald is my 3 rd great grandmother ...Mary died in 1854 at the age of 35 years old ...she is buried in the family plot of Alexander MacDonald her father in Pitsligo ..I have information where this is Her husband Peter Barclay has a large headstone made by his sons so I've been told ..I have been on this site before but didn't get the info I was after
I am trying to trace family history. Information I have which may be incorrect is Mr Christie could have been a Master Baker
Children John ( my grandfather), William and Elizabeth early 1900's. Any information would be appreciated
Ihave been working on a family named Scott, from Udny, and wondered if there is anybody else doing same, so that we can share some info////. john-irvine-scott,born 1891-1918 ww1,buried france.,,,brother,harry1893-1959,,,brother frank-scott 1895-1915ww1-loos,,,brother albert .....sister,jane-davidson-brownie-scott,,,sister,,williamina scott 1909 udny-1988.
When I visited last year I also visited Aberdour and Peathill graveyards. I took photos of some gravestones to check when I got home. Out of the photos I had one connection.
I thought I would share the readable one with you.
I will list 4 and if there at
Re any connections I will let you have the photos

1) Agnes Dickie
Husband Alexander Watson d 1879

2) Peter GATT d 1911
Wife Jane Lorie d 1937
Son Charles William d 1859
John Birhie d 1909
George Stephen d 1910
Elizabeth Ann Sim d 1882

3) George Simpson d 1908 blurred

4). Sophia Milne d 1908
Husband Charles Bruce. Shoemaker
Children. Elizabeth d18?? 4 years
Sophia d1865. 4 months
Robert d 1886 7 years
William d 1870
I have a package that came to my office for Mr Ben Godsman of Wellington Telford. I have been unable to trace his address could you pass on my details to him please and ask him to contact me please. He could also contact me on 01952 243228


Sheila Worrall
Hi, I tried to ask a question a few days ago, but think it did not post, so will try again.
I am trying to find my brother Michael Stewart, he lived in an old cottage on the main road in new pitsligo.
would any of you folks know of him?
I met him about ten years ago, I came up to visit him but have not heard anything since.
He will now be about 60 yrs old.
This is a wonderful presentation of New Pitsligo, a few days ago I found the death registration of my 4 X G/Great Grandfather, James Henry who died at New Pitsligo, 1862 aged 83. He and his wife, Margaret
(nee Wallace) I believe raised their family here before two of their great grandsons made their way to Australia. The photo collection is well presented for the past and present community, I even found some possible family still resident there. This has been added to the locations to visit if I ever get to Scotland.
My Great Great Grandfather Andrew PARK was born in Strichen in 1830 and emigrated to Australia with a group of stonemasons in 1854. I have been researching his life in Scotland for many years with limited records. In 1832 he was orphaned and came to live in New Pitsligo with foster parents, John and Ann Scott at 50 Low Street.
The 1841 Census shows him living with them as an Apprentice Hand Loom Weaver. The Strichen Kirk Session Records show evidence of the Scott’s receiving a regular allowance for Fraser Park’s orphan until 1839 when the records indicate he was of an age to go into service.
My research shows that Ann Scott was a Park from Strichen so I imagine she was related to my GG Grandfather. John Scott died a Pauper in 1857 and his wife Ann in 1871 and there is no evidence they had children of their own. Both would be buried in the New Pitsligo Cemetery.
Family folklore tells me that Andrew Park was a Stonemason at Balmoral Castle before he came to Australia. In the 1851 Census, he was lodging in Port Elphinstone and listed as an Apprentice Mason.
I would be interested to hear from anyone who might have information relating to John and Ann Scott or, indeed, the Park family from that era. My thanks to Harold Noble for making me aware of this great website and for his kind hospitality on my recent visit to Aberdeenshire in June this year.
John Park (
Great web site. I am the grandson of James Robert Reid, born in New Pitsligo around 1889. I would love to visit the village one day. I knew little of the village until I visited this site today. Thank you.
hello,does anyone have the following names as an ancestor, jane -davidson -brownie-scott born 1904 udny,died 1963 aberdeen,,married george-cruickshank/paper-mill-worker? and maybe a piper who died 1976. i would be happy with the smallest of info i could get,so as to confirm more details i have,and fit it all into,this massive scott family tree. kind regards helen.
hello,i am still working on the scott ancestors,at the moment those from udny. has anyone got the following people on there family tree,,,, harry-scott,married 1916 jane barclay,,,also,albert -scott married mary -garden chrystall,they married1926 toronto, they had brother frank born 1895 udny,died 1915 LOOS,,he was in the royal-scotts,,, also brother john-irvine-scott 1891 udny-1918,france. also william-stewart-scott,born 1888 udny,,died 1892 udny. kind regards helen

I'm hoping to gather some information for my father who turns 70 this year. His family are from the New Pitsligo, Sandhaven and Fraserburgh area. His grandfather was Alexander Black Cassie and he owned a jeweller's shop on the High Street in New Pitsligo (early 1900's) He was married and had 4 children Jean (my fathers mum) Meg, Bob and Jimmy. When Jean passed away in 1978 her ashes were scattered on Mormond Hill as her wish. We will be visiting in October and we would be grateful for any information or if you can point me in the right direction. It would be fantastic to find our where he is buried and what happened to the shop. Many Thanks, Emma
Colin asks if anyone knows of Anne at Overhill croft?
FAO patricia o'sullivan,
Hi,really sorry but just came across the message that you posted .My mum used to speak about the Sims and how mrs Sim had given my gran and my mum ornaments and things from HongKong.My mum passed away few months ago so I will look through her personal items and see if there are pc,letters or photos in relation to the Sims and I will let you know.You have probably finished your book now,so once again I apologise.
Wonderful website.....and so much historical information and photos.

I have many happy childhood memories of New Pitligo (or Cyaak as my late father referred it to). My late father George Beddie lived at 112 High Street with his parents, George and Isa Beddie. I remember (in the fifties) my granny telling me about lace making.....she was also the one who taught me to knit! And I will never forget the smell of peat as we approached the village .....

Thanks for the memories!

I am researching my fathers adopted fathers side.His grandfathers name was William mcrobbie marrying Annie Williamson, Thier son was Alexander Duncan Stewart mcrobbie born 1919 in Stuart street,sand haven,pitsligo,
Anyone have these people in thier family tree??
Thank you,Jackie
I have loved reading all about New Pitsligo. I am researching my wife's family and have found her ancestor Thomas Murray was born in the Parish of Gamrie in 1787. He joined the army, 72nd Regiment at foot, in 1806. ( May have been a Paymaster ) At some time he married Ann Wyndham and whilst Serving in Cape Town a son David Wyndham Murray was born in 1819. After discharge from the army in 1833 the family settled in New Pitsligo and the 1861 Census shows Thomas and Anne living at 50 High St. Thomas died in 1862. David Wyndham Murray, wife Jane (Forrester) and 2 children migrated to Geelong Australia in 1854 where they were early pioneers, had 8 more children, and ended up establishing a bakery. We live near Geelong and will be visiting Scotland, including New Pitsligo in September this year. We would love to have contact with anyone who might have further information about the family, and would appreciate advice as to whom we might contact re church association etc. I can be contacted by email: Thank you for the great website, Bruce Bertram
hello, message for person who signed name kit-clarke,on 27/2/2017,requesting info on james park/eleanor brown norrie, i think i have in fo for you,i did try the email address you showed,however,the message failed to go. you can contact me on
I am looking for information about my Aunt {Elizabeth}McKenzie nee Noble also known as Bessie. Also my father Robert Park known as Bobby born 1932. Both from New Pitslago. They both moved to Ardrossan. so another 2 sisters i know of Jean and Jessie. Tessie married a John Taylor and stayed in Slago till she died.

Looking for info on Dr John Cmeron who was a doctor in new Pitsligo in 1940.

believed that he moved to New Pitsligo in 1934, and retired in 1966 - Staying at Denburn?

Looking for info on his age in 1940
I am a dance historian and would love to know more about Dancie Norrie. The article is great.

Are you able to put me in touch with other who have left messages about him on this site - Sandra Barrett (3 May 2014), Sandra Jean Hawkins (13 Sep 2010).

I also happen to be related indirectly to his niece, Eleanor Brown Norrie who emigrated to Canada and married my great uncle, James Park in 1922. If anyone has information about them, I'd be interested to hear.

Had a lovely 2 1/2 months touring the eat side of Scotland and Orkney a holiday/Adventure and Family History. I toured in my motorhome with my pooch.
to do with family history I visited Fettercairn, New Pitsligo, New Byth., Birsy. I also visited Graveyards and Churches/Kirks.
My camera took some bashing and I dare not count how many photos I have. will have to go through them again.
It was lovely to see the houses the family lived in. and walk where they had walked.
i took lots and lots of photos of gravestones and i have lots that are not the family but will keep them to one side and look again. Think there was one definate gravestone but it needs some working out. I found the postman very helpful in New Pitsligo directing me to Peathill churchyard. Thank you
i will catch up on the posts and will be revisiting in June
Hello, would anybody have any information on Barbara Barclay who on the 1871 census gives her birthplace in 1818 as New Pitsligo please?
. I saw an earlier comment that mentioned a Barclay family from the village.

This a bit of a long shot but a Scottish lady made Sheringham in Norfolk her home for the last 15 years of her life and we really would like to find out about her . We know she was a knitter, possibly bringing Scottish patterns with her .
Thank you for reading this , Jan Hillier
hi, wondering if jeannie davidson scott born 1904 58 low -street,is the same jane davidson brownie scott born 19/10/1904 udny-died 1963 aberdeen,married george-cruickshank /papermill-worker born stoneywood 1900 died 1976???
hi,there was a message on 6/2/15,from linda-gloss,who seemed to be linked to the family i am researching. It is george-scott died 1884/ married 1832 pitsligo/ ann tarvas?died 1897 -tyrie I have their kids as, janet 1831,married george-rettie,,,,elizabeth -low-scott1833-tyrie/ alexander-george 1836 tyrie,married 1854 elizabeth bruce,,,john-watt-scott1841 tyrie/married 1862 pitsligo-rebekah-duthie 1837 rathen? margaret1843 tyrie/married james-trail?,,,, george -scott1845 tyrie/married 1862 udny isobel-mutch,,,,mary-jean-watt-scott 1847 tyrie,,,, william -watt-scott,,1849 ...ann scott 1851? i also have the kids for john-watt-scott/rebekah/ as?george-scott 1862-1923 queensland,,,, john-1864-died -ontario,,,,jane 1866? christina ?? also james 1875 abt ??? Linda . you mentioned your grandad,from sandhaven, was he one of the above i have mentioned,and perhaps you can verify my info, just noticed i have also the wife of george who died in queensland, as elizabeth-grey-stewart,they married 15/6/1895, i would appreciate any info one can add to this family -tree, kind -regards- Helen.
I am looking for information about my g.g aunt Isabella milne / cartney I belive that the family lived in new pitsligo in the mid to late 1800 and might have been farmers there son /grandson alexander worked at hillhead farm as a farm servant..
its a while since i have looked at the messages on guest-book, i am still wondering if anyone is working on the family tree of william scott born 1865 tyrie married 1887 fraserburgh elizabeth williamson stewart born 1866 pitsligo died 1957 pitsligo. Perhaps we can share info.