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hello,i am still working on the scott ancestors,at the moment those from udny. has anyone got the following people on there family tree,,,, harry-scott,married 1916 jane barclay,,,also,albert -scott married mary -garden chrystall,they married1926 toronto, they had brother frank born 1895 udny,died 1915 LOOS,,he was in the royal-scotts,,, also brother john-irvine-scott 1891 udny-1918,france. also william-stewart-scott,born 1888 udny,,died 1892 udny. kind regards helen

I'm hoping to gather some information for my father who turns 70 this year. His family are from the New Pitsligo, Sandhaven and Fraserburgh area. His grandfather was Alexander Black Cassie and he owned a jeweller's shop on the High Street in New Pitsligo (early 1900's) He was married and had 4 children Jean (my fathers mum) Meg, Bob and Jimmy. When Jean passed away in 1978 her ashes were scattered on Mormond Hill as her wish. We will be visiting in October and we would be grateful for any information or if you can point me in the right direction. It would be fantastic to find our where he is buried and what happened to the shop. Many Thanks, Emma
Colin asks if anyone knows of Anne at Overhill croft?
FAO patricia o'sullivan,
Hi,really sorry but just came across the message that you posted .My mum used to speak about the Sims and how mrs Sim had given my gran and my mum ornaments and things from HongKong.My mum passed away few months ago so I will look through her personal items and see if there are pc,letters or photos in relation to the Sims and I will let you know.You have probably finished your book now,so once again I apologise.
Wonderful website.....and so much historical information and photos.

I have many happy childhood memories of New Pitligo (or Cyaak as my late father referred it to). My late father George Beddie lived at 112 High Street with his parents, George and Isa Beddie. I remember (in the fifties) my granny telling me about lace making.....she was also the one who taught me to knit! And I will never forget the smell of peat as we approached the village .....

Thanks for the memories!

I am researching my fathers adopted fathers side.His grandfathers name was William mcrobbie marrying Annie Williamson, Thier son was Alexander Duncan Stewart mcrobbie born 1919 in Stuart street,sand haven,pitsligo,
Anyone have these people in thier family tree??
Thank you,Jackie
I have loved reading all about New Pitsligo. I am researching my wife's family and have found her ancestor Thomas Murray was born in the Parish of Gamrie in 1787. He joined the army, 72nd Regiment at foot, in 1806. ( May have been a Paymaster ) At some time he married Ann Wyndham and whilst Serving in Cape Town a son David Wyndham Murray was born in 1819. After discharge from the army in 1833 the family settled in New Pitsligo and the 1861 Census shows Thomas and Anne living at 50 High St. Thomas died in 1862. David Wyndham Murray, wife Jane (Forrester) and 2 children migrated to Geelong Australia in 1854 where they were early pioneers, had 8 more children, and ended up establishing a bakery. We live near Geelong and will be visiting Scotland, including New Pitsligo in September this year. We would love to have contact with anyone who might have further information about the family, and would appreciate advice as to whom we might contact re church association etc. I can be contacted by email: Thank you for the great website, Bruce Bertram
hello, message for person who signed name kit-clarke,on 27/2/2017,requesting info on james park/eleanor brown norrie, i think i have in fo for you,i did try the email address you showed,however,the message failed to go. you can contact me on
I am looking for information about my Aunt {Elizabeth}McKenzie nee Noble also known as Bessie. Also my father Robert Park known as Bobby born 1932. Both from New Pitslago. They both moved to Ardrossan. so another 2 sisters i know of Jean and Jessie. Tessie married a John Taylor and stayed in Slago till she died.

Looking for info on Dr John Cmeron who was a doctor in new Pitsligo in 1940.

believed that he moved to New Pitsligo in 1934, and retired in 1966 - Staying at Denburn?

Looking for info on his age in 1940
I am a dance historian and would love to know more about Dancie Norrie. The article is great.

Are you able to put me in touch with other who have left messages about him on this site - Sandra Barrett (3 May 2014), Sandra Jean Hawkins (13 Sep 2010).

I also happen to be related indirectly to his niece, Eleanor Brown Norrie who emigrated to Canada and married my great uncle, James Park in 1922. If anyone has information about them, I'd be interested to hear.

Had a lovely 2 1/2 months touring the eat side of Scotland and Orkney a holiday/Adventure and Family History. I toured in my motorhome with my pooch.
to do with family history I visited Fettercairn, New Pitsligo, New Byth., Birsy. I also visited Graveyards and Churches/Kirks.
My camera took some bashing and I dare not count how many photos I have. will have to go through them again.
It was lovely to see the houses the family lived in. and walk where they had walked.
i took lots and lots of photos of gravestones and i have lots that are not the family but will keep them to one side and look again. Think there was one definate gravestone but it needs some working out. I found the postman very helpful in New Pitsligo directing me to Peathill churchyard. Thank you
i will catch up on the posts and will be revisiting in June
Hello, would anybody have any information on Barbara Barclay who on the 1871 census gives her birthplace in 1818 as New Pitsligo please?
. I saw an earlier comment that mentioned a Barclay family from the village.

This a bit of a long shot but a Scottish lady made Sheringham in Norfolk her home for the last 15 years of her life and we really would like to find out about her . We know she was a knitter, possibly bringing Scottish patterns with her .
Thank you for reading this , Jan Hillier
hi, wondering if jeannie davidson scott born 1904 58 low -street,is the same jane davidson brownie scott born 19/10/1904 udny-died 1963 aberdeen,married george-cruickshank /papermill-worker born stoneywood 1900 died 1976???
hi,there was a message on 6/2/15,from linda-gloss,who seemed to be linked to the family i am researching. It is george-scott died 1884/ married 1832 pitsligo/ ann tarvas?died 1897 -tyrie I have their kids as, janet 1831,married george-rettie,,,,elizabeth -low-scott1833-tyrie/ alexander-george 1836 tyrie,married 1854 elizabeth bruce,,,john-watt-scott1841 tyrie/married 1862 pitsligo-rebekah-duthie 1837 rathen? margaret1843 tyrie/married james-trail?,,,, george -scott1845 tyrie/married 1862 udny isobel-mutch,,,,mary-jean-watt-scott 1847 tyrie,,,, william -watt-scott,,1849 ...ann scott 1851? i also have the kids for john-watt-scott/rebekah/ as?george-scott 1862-1923 queensland,,,, john-1864-died -ontario,,,,jane 1866? christina ?? also james 1875 abt ??? Linda . you mentioned your grandad,from sandhaven, was he one of the above i have mentioned,and perhaps you can verify my info, just noticed i have also the wife of george who died in queensland, as elizabeth-grey-stewart,they married 15/6/1895, i would appreciate any info one can add to this family -tree, kind -regards- Helen.
I am looking for information about my g.g aunt Isabella milne / cartney I belive that the family lived in new pitsligo in the mid to late 1800 and might have been farmers there son /grandson alexander worked at hillhead farm as a farm servant..
its a while since i have looked at the messages on guest-book, i am still wondering if anyone is working on the family tree of william scott born 1865 tyrie married 1887 fraserburgh elizabeth williamson stewart born 1866 pitsligo died 1957 pitsligo. Perhaps we can share info.
Michael Fraser post no 271
We have the same ancestors namely Thurlow Fraser and Jane Cowie.
They are my great great grandparents.
Please contact me on as I have lots to tell you.
This is so exciting as I have been looking for relatives for a long time.
I live just outside Dunbar in East Lothian
I've just had great fun looking at your website. My paternal grandparents - Francis (Frank) McDonald and Annie (Nan) Robertson nee Stephen - ran the school from 1910 until my grandfather's death in 1943. My father Francis Stephen (Steve) and his sister Margaret Anne (Betty)were brought up there. I have a photo of their wedding taken, I'm assuming, in New Pitsligo..

During the 1914-18 war, Granddad signed up in 1916 and my Granny ran the school until he returned. Meg Beattie, whom I never met but was much spoken about during my childhood, was a great family friend to the extent that during the 2nd world war she and her husband (both farmers) sent a bird to Dundee (where my other grandparents lived) every Christmas.

Your website has brought many stories about New Pit back into my mind. Thank you.

Shelagh Robertson
Perhaps it would help if I give my email addy:! Looking forward to a reply from New Pitsligo Lace Club. Sincerely, Susan (nee Baird)
Thank you for this website! I am a lacemaker in the US & researching New Pitsligo lace for my lace group, a charter chapter of IOLI. Can you refer me to a member of the New Pitsligo Lace Club so that I may ask questions? Love the photo of Maggie Milne, informative text & photos of lace!
What a fantastic gallery of photos, I came across this by accident when doing my family tree and recognise a few names from the photos while looking at places my ancestors lived, they came from New Pitsligo and Old Machar, surnames are Wallace, Rollo, Grant, Birnie. My great uncle Donald McCrimmon married Isabella Rollo 1923. so just started searching Isabella's side and so far I've got back to the 1700s so many thanks for the trip back in history. xx
Hi polly Ann sim
I am from New Pitsligo and generation before me have been born and had businesses in the village. My family name is Milne, wonder if there's a connection?!
Seeking information on World War 2 activities around New Pitsligo

I believe G Sim stayed at the keepers Cottage At Brucklay,and their operational base is in the estate there somewhere. Information on the other names on the patrol would be great

Also, on the "days gone by" photos

anybody know what pictures 75,76,350 and 351 are and of who?
I am trying to trace my grandfather, George Noble ( Dod) who lived in 2 Turlundie Terrace, New Pitsligo until the 1970s.
message for polly sim mutch, regarding john sim/jean milne i have had a look for you and found this fathismily and the generations before, which also takes you to ancestors in ontario,and many other places.this may help. james sim 6/1/1777 pitsligo-died-7/5/1866/ a farmer-married eliz simpson-son john 18/6/1817 aberdour died 31/7/1904 tyrie-married jean-jane/milne, you will be amazed what you see, when you then enter john sim scotland 1817.all i can say is you would be delighted. enjoy your trip .
I am coming up in May and staying in Scotland till June, touring around.
I will be visiting New Pitsligo as family lived and some were born here.
Milne, Sim, Sim-Mutch, Mutch, Ross and Metcalf
Look forward to looking round and taking photos

well i am finally coming up to Scotland in May & june.
I will be visiting New Pitsligo maybe last week in May first week in June
i am using this visit to sightseeing the east coast side upto Scrabster then over to the Orkneys than back down possibly visiting places i have missed or re visiting.
My late husbands ancesters came from these areas

His grandad nd gradma lived on High St
He was a carter
there farm/home burnt down
and then somehow landed in Stockport Cheshire!!!!

his name was James Sim Mutch he lived with his grandfather John Sim (D 1904) at 48 High Street
her name was Annabella Ross lived at 24 High St (1912)

the earliest I have the family in Stockport is 1928 so not sure when they moved down

thanks look forward to my visit
I will be in my motorhome

message for heidi william webster /jane wallace, daughter mary 1862 married 11/9/1886 oshawa -ontario? to george baird ,parents alexr/catherine baird,,,,,,, mary and george had son alexr born 1888 whitby-brant-co-ontario? married1917detroit eliz wright born 1896 died 1954 michigan, they had daughter jean 1918, marys brother henry-webster, married alice sparling. hope this is what you were looking for..i got it on worldconnect
Hello, Thank you for this website. I am looking for information on my relatives-Mary Hemmingway Webster born in New Pitsligo in 1862 to her parents William and Jane Wallace Webster. They relocated to Canada and had several more children including my great grandfather James. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you, Heidi
Hello... My great grandfather, William Alexander Beange... was born in New Pitsligo in 1853 to William Beange and Rachel McKay. He moved to Canada and settled on Manitoulin Island. I don't know how or why he made that move, nor what happened to any of his siblings. Does anyone have information on the Beange Family in New Pitsligo during the 1800s or before?
This website is really great... thanks for doing it.
Mary-Stewart Ross, Kingston Ontario Canada
The website is fantastic. Alot of my family from the past where born and lived in New Pitsligo. My grandfather William Alexander Grant, his sister my great Aunt - Mary Anderson Grant, their half sister Georgina Ross Cooper, my great grandfather Francis Irvine Grant (Granite polisher) his father James Grant, my great grandmother Margaret Clark Cooper, her mother and father Ann Corbet and George Cooper and many more. If anyone has any information on these people or other relatives I would love to hear from you.
Message to Helen Finlayson. My father Robert Park all i know he came from New Pitslago born 19th July 1932. He had a Sister Jessie who married a John Taylor. We stayed with them on my only visit in 1972. He also had another another couple of sisters Jean and also Bessie McKenzie nee Noble Who had a daughter Mary. Both my dad and Bessie moved to Ardrossan,Ayrshire. Was wondering if i had any relations still living in the area.
Hello Janet, as you didn't leave an address to get back to you on this is the only way to reply. I would be delighted for you to have a photo from the website.
John Gerrard
Hi, just want to say what a great website! Brought back many happy memories for me and my twin sister Julie. My father is John Grant of 7 School Place and my mother Ella Grant (Mundie) of Low Street (Mundie Clan).
I have lived in Glasgow most of my life but always remember most fondly of my holidays in New Pitsligo, whether it be summer or winter, visiting my extended family. Especially playing football at the back of the school with my cousin, re 1976 to 1984. Memory a bit vague so apologies, I don't remember names. Just like to say thank you to everyone that may remember me and for the wonderful memories that I still have of New Pitsligo.
Many thanks,
I tried to contact you a few days ago via your 'contact'button, but have not yet heard from you so I wondered if this is a better way. I am writing a short article relating to lace making villages ,for my lace groups' newsletters and I would like your permission to add the picture of Mrs Begg as I'm sure it would interest new younger members of the Inspired Lacemakers group. My deadline for the November newsletter is approaching so I would appreciate hearing from you as soon as possible.
Thank you
Janet Tomlinson
hello.i enjoy reading all the stories while i am researching ancestors for our friends, i am now wondering for myself,if anyone came across ancestors who were on the HECUBA troop ship. i have a photo of the ship,which has on the reverse side a woman who must be a great grannie? we think, most of the men folk in the family were in the army, the gordon-highlanders, also cameron-highlanders,also seaforths. we are trying to find out which regiment was on this ship ,perhaps then it would solve our query. it is a beautiful photo,so clear too. i would not know where to go to get information on the ship. i would appreciate any info one can give kind regards helen
Where I was born at 1 High St. 1927
My grandparents were Lizzie n Stanley robertson ,my mum is Jean robertson n my aunts Margaret ,Tina ,ann(gone but forever loved)and Stanley robertson,I miss my family so much,I loved goin out to play in low St and when they stayed on high street,I'd love to hear from anyone who remember my mother or aunts.thiers an email address to get hold of me,would also like to here from kevin michie,don't know if still in the area
message for elizabeth whyte, regarding info on robert park. you didnt say age or area he was from. i had a quick look ,on the webs i use a lot ,and get lots info that helps me with my tree. there are several robert park,from pitsligo,or tyrie,or new-deer,and longside...i suggest you try, also worldconnect which you will see on ancestry .com home-page good luck
Does anyone have any information regarding Elizabeth{Bessie}McKenzie nee Noble. Who was related to Robert Park. Also my Aunt Jessie married name Taylor. Robert(Bobby)was my dad.
My mam was Moira Gammack nee brown (douie broons daughter) my aunties are Lilly Kirsty and Muggie my uncles are Andrew and Alan is there anybody remember them I moved to England 33 years ago and still call mintlaw home as that where my mam lived fir most of her married years know that there is family on both sides lived in pitsligo the gerrards and the Argos (hope I've spelled that right ) if so would love to hear from u

I lived in New Pitsligo in 1986/7 lived in church street I think.

I'm looking to find Alice Walker who I went to school with, she will be around 34/35 now. If anyone knows her please get in touch.

Many thanks
can anyone please confirm the following , as family-search, has charles scott born 4/9/1804 tyrie,married elis robb born 1797 old deer, and his parents were william scott/margaret cowie,,,,yet the information i received from the archives is his parents as , john scott occupation -seaman....wife eliz rettie. we have no other info on john scott/eliz rettie,,,,,no dates whatsoever,,,or children,other than this charles..........kind regards helen
hello. just wondered if anyone is researching alexander-stewart/ann birnie. they married 15/1/1859 pitsligo.they lived i think at 7low-street,and alexander was a blacksmith....they come in on a branch of the tree i am trying to complete for friends...
Colin asks if anyone know of Anne at Overhill croft?

Great Site. Came across it while tracing my partners mother's family - Crighton, from New Pitsligo.

Carole Jones
I'm looking for information about June Fraser Flett. We were pen pals during middle school in mid 60's. I lived in Parma, Ohio USA. I'm now living in San Antonio, Texas. Please contact me at my email address with any information! Oh, another bit of info, she married David Flett sometime in the 60's and she had a sister, Avril (?) Or April.

Thank you so much!! Linda Pike