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A great & interesting website.
I have a long family connection with New Pitsligo. My Grandmother Mina Mutch was born here in 1905. She is listed in the register of electors 1931, living at no 7 High Street, along with her parents & sister Bathia. Mina's parents Alexander Mutch & Mary Watt Ross are buried in New Pitsligo churchyard along with her maternal grandmother Helen Cordiner. Mina's father Alexander was born here in 1859, his parents were Alexander Mutch & Ann Clark.
I am looking for a photo &/or information on the poorhouse that used to be in the village.
This is a great and interesting website.
I have a long family connection with New Pitsligo. My Grandmother Mina Mutch was born here in 1905 and is listed on the Register of Electors 1931, living at no 7 High Street, along with her parents & sister.
Her parents were Alexander Mutch & Mary Watt Ross who are buried in New Pitsligo churchyard along with Mina's maternal Grandmother Helen Cordiner. Mina's father Alexander was also born here in 1859 and his parents were Alexander Mutch & Ann Clark.
Am looking for any information on the people mentioned & a photo or info on the poorhouse in New Pitsligo.
Many thanks.

James Sim-Mutch dated about early 1900
He lived at 48 High Street from about 1881 and was married from there in 1912 to Annabella Ross posted a picture on the days gone by of James with his horse and cart.
Does anyone have any information
He was my late husbands grandfather
He was a carter and they had a fire -see previous posts.
There children born from 1912 ---George, James,Rodney, Harold and Isabella also
James wife Annabella Ne Ross had a Catherine Ross (2)
Annabella mum was a Catherine Ross (1) married to Thomas Metcalfe

Also Catherine (1) mentioned a David Dufus Davidson living with them as a child on a farm?
Hi Lesley Caswell my name is jim lawrence and i am a great nephew of Christina Lawrence that resided at 109 High Street
I wish we could have more names and dates on the photos that are submitted. Would be great...
Would anyone have any info on Joseph Murray and his wife Elizabeth and family please....
just testing the Guest book, and it does work
Does anyone know anything about the Lawrence family who lived at 109 HIgh Street in New Pitsligo. I am working on my family tree and would like to know where the family came from before ending up there. Christina Lawrence eventually became Christina Roberston and at some point of time bought a house on Low Street in New Pitsligo.
Nice website. Too bad your Guest Book script is broken, not even sure if this entry wil ever appear in it.
Nice website, full of memories. I like your photographs with a story as well as other photos :)
HI, I've just started looking into my family tree. My Great Grandparents were married in District New Pitsligo on June 6th 1885. Their names are James Taylor (he was a blacksmith) and Barbara Hendry Black. If anyone knows anything more about them please let me know thanks.
Hi, my name is Derwyn and I live in Christchurch New Zealand. This is a note for Beverly Robb (210) and Harry (213). I think I am living in the family home of Alexander and Isabella Robb. There is writing in the attic from Andrew Robb and for Henry robb for August 1917, also said this home was built in 1909, so we are assuming this family built this home.The home has been badly damaged by the Christchurch earthquake, but we are still living in her and we are hoping she will be repairable.
I believe Henry and Andrew went to Burwood school on New Brighton road in the early 1900s.
My e mail address is
Hello, my name is Grayson Ross. We have on record that my great grandfather, James Tocher Ross, was born at Moss-side New Pitsligo. Seeing as James was born there, I am fairly certain that his father, Alexander William Ross, would have lived there. They left the area in 1911 and moved to Canada. Is there anyone with records that would be able to help me confirm that they lived on this farm? We aren't sure if they owned the farm or rented it from someone else. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
I am really enjoying your site! I have ancestors from New Pitsligo. They are William & Jessie Addie. I found them on the 1871 Scotland census. Would you know what churches I would contact that might have ANY records on them? Wish I knew what they looked like...Someday I will visit, but until then, I will enjoy visiting your site. Thank you for your time.
Hello, I have aquired a violin by a John Duffus of New Pitsligo dated 1914. Have you ever come across this gentleman? He would seem to be a skilled craftsman as the work is very neat so I would rule out it being a one off. There is another violin maker in New Pitsligo a William Sinclair b 1836 d 1905 could he be a pupil. I would be grateful for any information you may have. Best wishes

Hello, I'm trying to trace descendants of George Sim of 23 Low Street (born about 1873), who was an inspector in the Hong Kong Police Force. He had a distinguished career there, and is an important addtional character in a book I am writing on the Irish in this Force. Any clues welcome - thank you - Patricia - pmeosullivan (at)
Does anyone have any information about the old quarry at Lambhill farm/Willows Animal Sanctuary?
My father Frank Sangster Robertson was from a large family, and was brought up in Low Street. Unfortunately, he died in December 1941 on board HM submarine Perseus. I believe I have still some family/relatives living, but would love some information about his parents. I know they called his mother Ellen Sangster, but haven't got the name of his father. He had numerous family and indeed we visited New Pitsligo to visit my uncle and aunt Lizzie and Stanley Robertson who lived at 34 Low Street, then moved to 12 High Street. Sadly they are both no longer with us.Any info would be amazing. Thank you.
01469 518953
Can anyone tell me who currently owns "Gonarhal" farm.I worked for my uncle Bill Pratt from 1959 to1962 before leaving to join the forces..The farm holds many happy memories for me and Bill's three daughters Norma ,Jean and Meg.
If possible we would like the farmer's permission to have a summer picnic by the Glasslaw burn at the bottom of the brae just before it joins the Gonar burn.Any help in this request would be appreciated.
Family Tree research amendment: My great-grandfather Robert Scott Morrison was born in New Deer 1847. He had 5 siblings born in New Deer (and 2 that died in infancy in New Pitsligo). RSM studied at Aberdeen University 1879-86 and became the doctor in Methlick, died 1909.
His brother Alexander 1860-1932 wrote articles about nature for a local newspaper under the pen-name 'Nightingale' - has anyone come across these? I should very much like to take a look.
His sister Elizabeth Morrison married a Robertson and lived in Market Street, Strichen - are there any living descendants? It may be nice to meet them, and for them to know they have a (distant - 3rd-cousin) in Finland :)
Any info about James Morrison b.1855 New Deer & John Morrison b.1857 New Deer also welcome!
Shirley looking for Robertson family. I can forward her information on the family. I am friends with Jean nee Robertson. I lived many years in cyaak and have many memories my family were Neil and Chrissie
In a previous post i inquired about John G Keith.. i should have added that his son ws Alexanger J Keith (believed deceased) and was the more direct connection to New Pitsligo. thank you
Hello, I have aquired a violin by a John Duffus of New Pitsligo dated 1914. Have you ever come across this gentleman? He would seem to be a skilled craftsman as the work is very neat so I would rule out it being a one off. There is another violin maker in New Pitsligo a William Sinclair b 1836 d 1905 could he be a pupil. I would be grateful for any information you may have. Best wishes

Kind regards
I live in New Mexico and will probably get to Scotland to do research. I am hoping someone there can help me. My maternal grandfather was John George Keith Wood. He was born in Petershead Feb 5, 1888. He came to the USA when he was 2yrs. and settled in Vermont. He died at the age of 41 in the 1927 flu epidemic. My mother was just a few days old and my grandmother later remarried so i have never known anything about his ancestors. In 1972 my mother wrote to the registrar to get info and they advised her to look in Pitsligo but she never followed through. any help at all would be appreciated. thank you
Nov 19th 2012

Family Tree research - my great-grandfather Robert Scott Morrison was born in New Deer 1848, became the doctor of Methlick. These siblings of his were born in New Pitsligo: Alexander Morrison b.1860, Isabella Jean morrison b.1863, Margaret Morrison b.1866. Does anyone know of these Morrisons? (those born New Deer = Mary 1850, Elizabeth 1853, James 1855, John 1857). Is the Morrison who repairs cars in New Pitsligo a descendant? I was in New Pitsligo last week (Tues 13th Nov) but didn't get the chance to ask him.
I never met my parents, George & Margaret Milne, they gave me up for adoption before they divorced.
My husband has researched my past and found that my fathers family were from Tyrie & New Pitsligo going back 150 years and that my Father, George Milne, worked in a garage and lived in New Pitsligo before his death in 2002.
I was never curious about my 'real' parents growing up but I must come and visit your village and see where they lived.
Looking for family of a Neil Mathieson ROBERTSON of New Pitsligo and wondering if he may be the son or related to a Wilson Mathieson Robertson. If so please email me at
Hi, I am writing from New Zealand in response to a query re McRobbie family. My McRobbie ancestors came from the New Pitsligo area and migrated to NZ in 1872. My Great Grandparents were William and Helen McRobbie (nee Farquhar). Helen had lived at Quarryburn and her father William Farquhar lived there until he died.. William McRobbie's parents were George McRobbie and Elizabeth Mitchell. Helen's first child was stillborn on the voyage to NZ but she gave birth to 9 children in NZ. I hope this is of interest to you, Laura.
My husband and I are planning to visit the New Pitsligo area in May 2013. This website is amazing - very helpful and interesting. My email is
hi im just wondering if anyone could help me im from a mcrobbie family who were mostly around the new byth area but some in new pitsligo and would love any info on them if anybody knows of the family no matter ow small or big new or old my ggrandparents was samuel mcrobbieb 1880-1961 and jessie 1880-1956 and my grandfather was james mcrobbie 1923-1960 and my dad was erlend mcrobbie 1949-2004
For Pauline Taylor, Glad you found it.
In July 2011 I queried on your site whether anyone could help me find the grave of my great-grandmother, Helen Watt Sangster, which I remembered visiting as a small child more than 60 years ago. I could only recall that there was a tower nearby. Sandra Anderson replied suggesting that it could have been the cemetery next to the Culsh Monument at New Deer.
It's taken me a year to visit, but I want to thank her - and your wonderful site - for pointing me in the right direction. It was exactly as I remembered it, and I think I found the grave, although the inscription was too worn to be certain! Thank you again. I wish other parishes had sites like this one.
I wish to contact Margaret Daniels post no 187 as I am also descended from John Herd and Jane Reid, my gggrandparents.
I read the entry from Margaret Daniels, Post Number 187 of last year. I too am descended from John Herd and Jane Reid through their daughter Margaret Jane Herd and Alexander Davidson, also a stone mason. They were my great grandparents. Alexander Davidson died as a result of an accident at a quarry and Margaret married again to a man called Bain. They are buried in the Eastern Cemetery in Arbroath. Margaret Jane Herd was my father's grandmother and they had a very close relationship. He spoke of her often. I did not know that John Herd and Jane Reid had 6 children and would be very interested to hear any other information on them. Incidentally, Jane Reid predeceased her husband by many years and is buried in Manquitter cemetery although there is no stone for her.
For Jim Mcgee looking for Mr Gatt or Cassie you can email me @
im looking for any contact with mr gatt as was with him and his brother cassy first name forgotten
Despite my tenuous links to New Pitsligo (via g,g,grandparents James Phillips and wife Sophia, nee Burnett, back in the mid 1800s when James is listed as a blacksmith there), I have found this to be a delightfully refreshing site. Thank you for this insight into some of my "roots". Best wishes and regards, Alan S. Marshall
Good Morning from Canada.
I would appreciate your help in locating information on my family history.
My grandfather, John Smith, born 21.08.1856, PercyHorner Petsligo, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. His parents, John Smith, born 1811, died 1858 and his mother Margaret Yule born 1816 and died 1902 all in the Aberdeenshire area. John Smith's first wife was Mary Duncan, born 1861 died 1890 and his second wife Annie Watt born 05.03.1872, Aberdeen Scotland.
I would sincerely value your help in this search of family roots.
Nora Kirkham of Calgary Alberta Canada
I am looking for information of my grandfather born in Percy Honer Pitsligo John Smith son of John Smith born 1811 and Margaret Yule born 1816. we have traced our family tree to this point and we are interested in tracing it further but we are roadblocked can you assist us. Thank you in advance.
I am looking for information on my grandfather and grand mother. David Thomson married Annie M.S. Smith on the 11th Januart 1901 in New Pitsligo,later moved to Portobello and on 2nd Jan 1917They had a son (my Father) named Robert Grant Thomson. Would be grateful for any information on any one of them. Thank you.
I would be very great full if any one can help me I am searching my family history .my grandfather and grandmother were married in 22 high street new pitsligo they were John and Jessie Taylor. John was a master joiner many thanks. My email is
forgot to leave my contact email.
My sister directed me to this page as she found photographs of my Dad (Ronnie Rollo) and my Granny, Flo Rollo on this site. We are making a trip to visit this summer. It has been many years since I was there (1982), so it will be so nice to visit again.
Does anyone know if Tillinamoult Croft is still standing and if so exactly where it is please? My family originate from there and I would like to see it if it is still standing. Mike
Message for Ainsley Rollo.... If you refer to message No. 26 in this guest-book you will see that I have already mentioned Ronnie Rollo. He and I were boyhood pals and I also remember his mother 'Flo' who I recall was a very gregarious lady and a good friend of my Mother. I remember that Ronnie was learning to play the bagpipes and I think there was some mention of him moving to Canada but as I left New Pitsligo in 1947 I completely lost touch. Perhaps You can enlighten me?
I happened upon this website quite by accident and was amazed to see photos of my Dad, Ronald Rollo, and many newspaper clippings and bill boards featuring my Grandmother's name Flora Rollo.
I will be in New Pitsligo this summer with other members of my family and can't wait to take a walk through the town.
Message for Beverly Robb;
I have added my e-mail address this time so if you want to get in touch I do have further Information on the Simpson side of the family. I also have a couple of photographs dating from the turn of the century, showing the Robb family of Oamaru, included are Alexander and Isabella, then one showing Alexander Wm Simpson Robb aged 6, Andrew George Robb aged 3, and Henry James Robb aged 20 months. Please feel free to contact me regarding anything else as there are a few of us still out and about actively researching the family.
best regards Harry
Hi, in reply to the question of the Mill of boyndlie, I am afraid the place no longer stands as a mill it was converted to farm buildings many years ago. My greatgrandfather was Isabella Robbs brother Peter Simpson
I would like to draw everyones' attention to photos #13 & #14 under "What's New". I am still hoping to hear from someone who still has another plate like this and who can provide some reason why they were produced 144 years ago. Or was it one individual who painted just two and no more? Thank you for any information which you may have. Joy Cehovin
I would like to know if the Mill of Boyndlie still exists at Tyrie. In 1999 my husband & I tried to find it but failed. Alexander Robb, tailor of 44 High street New Pitsligo came to Dunedin, New zealand about 1893/94 and the in late 1895/6 Isabella Simpson born mill of Boyndlie daughter of James Simpson ,Miller of Boyndlie Tyrie, followed him to NZ and they married Dec 1896.
While in New pitsligo we visited Alex Smith who then lived at 44 High street and afterwards with my husbands cousin Myra Dean (lived East Yorkshire but spent all her holidays at 44 High street) we visited Smiths bakery to buy their special Scottish Rolls.Hope to return one day.
My Grandfather - John Ritchie Fordyce born illegitimate in 1885 at 180 High Street, New Pitsligo to Margaret Fordyce and Alexander Ritchie ( blacksmith )
She also had three daughters - Margaret Ann Fentie ( B 1879 ) who later married William Walker and lived at Knittenshead - Isabella Grieve Fordyce ( b 1881 ) and Nellie Cameron Ritchie Fordyce ( b 1887 ) who later married Donald Smith
My grandfather married Isabella Smith from Rathen, Fraserburgh in 1905 and they "adopted" a child - who was a twin (b 1908) - Isabella Scott Stephen ( her twin Mary Stephen ) - their mother was Annie Stephen and father given as Alexander Webster, Butcher from Fraserburgh - the mother later married ?? Stewart The twins were born at 20 or 22 Low Street, New Pitsligo